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renege on (something)

To withdraw from or fail to do or carry out something, such as a given commitment, promise, plan, or situation. People are beginning to worry that the president is going to renege on his campaign promises. The merger was all set to move forward, but the other company reneged on the agreement at the last possible moment.
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renege on something

to go back on one's promise or commitment. I am mad at you because you reneged on your promise! I did not renege on what I promised.
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renege on

To fail to carry out some promise or commitment; go back on a promise or commitment: If I had known that you would renege on your contract, I never would have hired you.
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This paper focuses on a finite buffer balking and reneging in discrete-time single server queue with single and multiple working vacations.
Where the average reneging rate rr and the average retention rate rr are given by:
The objective of my article was to address the concern of possible congressional reneging on Roth accounts that some financial advisors have expressed.
It is easy to show that the cost of reneging increases the greater the number of periods remaining in the federal government's mandate.
Many nations now view the United States as "reneging on its Kyoto commitments," says Philip Clapp of the National Environmental Trust in Washington, D.C.
Courts have frequently applied the doctrine of equitable estoppel to prohibit either the Service or the taxpayer from reneging on an agreement embodied in a Form 870-AD (see Whitney, 826 F2d 896 (9th Cir.
Prime Minister Tony Blair was under fire last night for reneging on a personal pledge to ban hunting.
Reneging still startles both HR and management because they don't see the connection with consolidations and mergers plus massive changes in health care.
This shift, from back lot to Edge City, from the almost domestic to the almost infrastructural, demands that Israel's own practice itself become more interdisciplinary and flexible without reneging upon its typically investigative architectural play.
There were also reports that UK diplomats in Brussels are "reneging" on the December 2017 Joint Report.
To avoid countries reneging on their reform commitments, the ECB was bound to enforce stricter conditions than it did when it bought Italian and Spanish bonds last year, when Italian prime minister Silvio Berslusconi promptly reneged on any reforms.
The armed forces, as condemning this action and this aggressive trend, want to express their disappointment with the conduct of South Sudan government and the reneging of the signed agreements, Alswarmi added.
THE former girlfriend of billionaire financier George Soros has accused him of reneging on a promise to buy her an apartment in New York City and has filed at $50m (pounds 31m) lawsuit.
HOW interesting to hear Peter Mandelson criticising Kraft for reneging on their promise to retain the Cadbury factory in Bristol.
Members of Unite and the GMB at the airport will complete their voting in the next few days after the unions accused ground services firm Swissport of reneging on a two-year pay deal.