renege on (something)

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renege on (something)

To withdraw from or fail to do or carry out something, such as a given commitment, promise, plan, or situation. People are beginning to worry that the president is going to renege on his campaign promises. The merger was all set to move forward, but the other company reneged on the agreement at the last possible moment.
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renege on something

to go back on one's promise or commitment. I am mad at you because you reneged on your promise! I did not renege on what I promised.
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renege on

To fail to carry out some promise or commitment; go back on a promise or commitment: If I had known that you would renege on your contract, I never would have hired you.
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The Claimant had reneged on the purchase due to a fall in prices without any fault on the part of the Respondent.
Since the Claimant had reneged on the deal, he forfeited the deposit he had paid.
The Court of Appeal held that it was clear in the case that the amount paid to the Respondent company by the Claimant was a deposit paid towards the deal and that it was subject to forfeit in the event the Claimant reneged on the deal.
Global Banking News-October 8, 2012--Nigerian Bank alleges staff reneged on agreement(C)2012 ENPublishing -
Officials of the Enterprise Bank in Nigeria have alleged that the staff at the company's human resource service provider, First Spring Franchise Services, reneged on an agreement that had been arrived at between they and the company.
A young lab technician said (after repeating the rumor of the health care organization that reneged on its job offers), "My only responsibility is to myself, to cut the best deal I can.