render down

render something down

1. Lit. to cook the fat out of something. Polly rendered the chicken fat down to a bit of golden grease that she would use in cooking a special dish. Jane rendered down the fat for use later. The cook rendered it down.
2. Fig. to reduce or simplify something to its essentials. Let's render this problem down to the considerations that are important to us. Can't we render down this matter into its essentials? Not all of this is important. Let's render it down.
See also: down, render
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Place the duck breasts, skin-side down, on a dry ovenproof pan and cook over very low heat to render down most of the fat.
Another related reason is as busy as I am, it is not cost efficient for me to take the time to render down junk alloy and make it up into ingots.
Keep the fat on the bacon, don't be tempted to trim it off – the fat will render down when you fry it off again before the main cook and will add bags of flavour to the dish.
These new revelations have fuelled concerns about the clubs dependence on their billionaire owners, and the financial render down that could be set off if they walked away or tried to sell up.
In a thick-bottomed pan or casserole, render down the fat over a low heat.
This will render down the suet and coat all the fruits sealing in the juices.
Then it's allowed to cook, on a low heat for a number of hours, allowing the flavours to develop, the texture to change, the fats and connecting tissues to render down into the gravy.
Cook for about 10-15 minutes - this will render down the fat from the breasts.
Thankfully, Mr Brown won't have to render down the pigs feet this week as he discusses the global food crisis at the G8 summit in Japan.
Mostly these 'philosophies' render down to two general assertions: one is 'We do schools, churches, housing and we'd like to do really profitable office developments.
Scoring the skin of the goose - as you would do with a duck or duck breast - helps the fat render down quicker as the bird roasts in the oven.