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render something down

1. Lit. to cook the fat out of something. Polly rendered the chicken fat down to a bit of golden grease that she would use in cooking a special dish. Jane rendered down the fat for use later. The cook rendered it down.
2. Fig. to reduce or simplify something to its essentials. Let's render this problem down to the considerations that are important to us. Can't we render down this matter into its essentials? Not all of this is important. Let's render it down.
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render something in(to) something

to translate something into something. Now, see if you can render this passage in French. Are you able to render this into German?
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render something to someone or something

 and render something up (to someone or something)
to give something to someone or a group. You must render your taxes to the government. I will render my money to the tax collector. I had to render up all my earnings.
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There is the added advantage that, because Render Solutions can tailor colours, shades and designs to your exact needs, it means that they can blend the new render with older, original surfaces.
Responsible for over 240 shots, Meteor Studios had scaled to about 80 more than 80 artists and over 80 render nodes in the render farm, as they pushed both overall throughput and IOPS performance with elements like water, reflections, CGI crowds and other complex effects.
From what I read in the trade magazines, there are a lot of molders closing, and there's a lot of consolidation in the industry," Render says.
In a similar fashion, the correspondence between 2[degrees] standard haze and the Ward model was determined and used to render four tiles of increasing haze (Fig.
9) Likewise, falsely telling an accused that a victim identified him(10) or that his fingerprints had been found(11) did not render the resulting confessions inadmissible.
Available as an SDK (Software Developers' Kit), Font Fusion renders a wide variety of industry-standard and compact font formats: OpenType, TrueType, Type 1, CFF/Type2, T2K[R] Latin, T2K Asian, TrueDoc[R] PFR (portable font resource), Bitstream Speedo[R], Font Fusion stroke (FFS), BDF (bitmap distribution format) format, as well as embedded bitmaps.
The product applies bi-directional algorithms for writing direction, interprets language rules and glyph information, applies contextual shaping to position and connect characters, combines characters and diacritical marks, and renders the composed text.
For larger projects, we link the RenderDrives, enabling us to render an image in 30 minutes instead of the two to three hours software renderers would take," says Evans.
In the past, content creators have relied on software rendering to produce photorealistic images representing the final render.
Using Font Fusion, 100 MIPS CPUs can render between 2,400 to 3,300 characters per second.
One such customer-driven feature is a complete re-architecture of the Maya render layers functionality, which means that multiple versions of objects, including materials, lights and cameras, as well as post processes such as Maya Fur and Maya Paint Effects(TM), can now be managed in a single scene file.
It offers 3D rendering performance exceeding that of most render farms but without the associated set-up and maintenance costs.
Font Fusion now includes built-in support for font compression, allowing Bitstream's premier font engine to read and render industry-standard fonts, bitmap fonts, and outline fonts in compressed format.
After using the realistic lights, attenuation, reflections, shadows and other effects with the PURE card, other rendering options such as render farms just don't compare," says Jennifer O'Connor, president of 4D Artists, a 3D modeling and animation studio.
Users will also see large leaps in productivity due to the optimizations that have been made to the already powerful render engine.