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rend something from someone or something

to tear something from someone or something. (The past tense and past participle are rent.) Harry rent the burning clothing from the man who had just fled from the burning building. I will rend these dirty old clothes from my body and shower.
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rend something into something

to rip or tear something into something. (The past tense and past participle are rent.) The tailor rent the garment into shreds in his anger. The garment was rent into bits and pieces by the machine.
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References in classic literature ?
Only a few days since you, yourself, told me that these great brutes, by the uncertainty of their tempers, often were the means of turning victory into defeat, since, at a crucial moment, they might elect to unseat and rend their riders.
The brightness of the foreign moon Saddens his lonely heart; And a sound of a bell in the evening rain Doth rend his soul apart.
What, then,' said Vampa, raising his hand with a gesture of disdain, while Teresa, no longer able to restrain her alarm, clung closely to him, `do wolves rend each other?
It used to rend my heart to see her, so hollow were her cheeks becoming, so sunken her eyes, so hectic her face.
Looking fiercely up, with a madman's impulse to struggle with and rend asunder his opponent, he found himself powerless beneath a calm, stern eye, which possessed the mysterious property of quelling frenzy at its height.
There began the mischief which now threatens to rend asun- der the British empire.