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remunerate (one) for (something)

1. To provide one financial compensation in return for goods provided or services rendered. If you aren't willing to remunerate me for my contributions, then I'll be forced to take legal action against you. Would you mind helping me with my tax return? I will of course remunerate you for your time.
2. To provide one financial compensation as a repayment for some incurred costs or losses. The company will remunerate you for any costs you incur on your trip. The court directed him to remunerate his neighbor for the damage he had caused.
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remunerate someone for something

1. to pay someone for something. Of course, I will remunerate you for your time. She was promptly remunerated for the hours she spent working on the project.
2. to repay someone for money spent. I will remunerate you for the cost of the book if you will give me the receipt. Please remunerate me for the charges as soon as possible.
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Thus trade flourishes--civilization advances; peace is kept; new dresses are wanted for new assemblies every week; and the last year's vintage of Lafitte will remunerate the honest proprietor who reared it.
The effect of the leave operating as a stay is that the applicant will proceed to remunerate employees on irregular terms, which if effected, the sums will be irrecoverable,' the SRC says.
Given the fact that the stay order is in force, PSC is in the process of trying to remunerate MPs on irregular terms and which, if effected, the same will be irrecoverable," said Mr Wandabwa.
33 per share of DKK10 and a resolution to remunerate board members with a base remuneration of DKK400,000.
This Ramadan, I prefer to open the door for your suggestions on the most appropriate Ramadan initiative, and I ask Allah to remunerate all of us.
The Ministry added that it is in a constant dialogue with the Ministry of Finance on that matter, as well as that it will implement reforms to more adequately track and remunerate labor done by workers in prisons.
The unions said that the new legislation is aimed at destroying the traditional operational model of local savings banks by forcing the banks to use their profits exclusively to remunerate private investors holding stakes in them.
The sperm banks also remunerate young donors with sums between Rs.