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remunerate someone for something

1. to pay someone for something. Of course, I will remunerate you for your time. She was promptly remunerated for the hours she spent working on the project.
2. to repay someone for money spent. I will remunerate you for the cost of the book if you will give me the receipt. Please remunerate me for the charges as soon as possible.
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02, page 22), the first bullet refers to earnings per share and cash flows as a basis to remunerate executive officers.
We are now in the 21st century, therefore, there are no surviving slaves to remunerate for their suffering, no former taskmasters to be punished for the cause of it.
We could learn to praise and lavishly remunerate the nurses and the neighborhood volunteers who comfort and who feed the victims of these killer afflictions.
NYSE: AVP), has entered into a licensing agreement with Reshare Commerce, LLC that enables Avon to remunerate its Sales Representatives using Reshare's patented methodology (U.
NNA - 7/9/2011 STL issue has come back again to top the talks of March 14 members when they called on the Lebanese government, during their weekly gathering, to immediately remunerate its due amounts for Special Tribunal for Lebanon.
I would remind taxpayers that the State is under no obligation to remunerate the defaulting barristers who prosecuted the trial, nor even the defence counsel who were on legal aid.
Finance Ministry shall remunerate the remaining amount after receiving the bills and agreeing with the Egyptian side over the payroll," Hassan said.