remove from (someone or something)

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remove from (someone or something)

1. To physically take someone or something out of something or some place. A noun or pronoun is used between "remove" and "from." Be sure not to remove the USB device from the computer until it is finished transferring all of the information. They removed the prisoner from his holding cell and brought him to the courtroom.
2. To extract something from someone or someone's body. A noun or pronoun is used between "remove" and "from." We'll need to remove the bullet from him if we're going to stop the bleeding. I used a pair of tweezers to remove the bits of glass from her hand.
3. To take someone or something out of someone's custody. A noun or pronoun is used between "remove" and "from." Social services removed the children from the abusive parents. We've removed dozens of animals from people suspected of organizing or participating in the illegal dogfighting ring.
4. To oust someone from a job, position, or public office. A noun or pronoun is used between "remove" and "from." They plan on removing the prime minster from power after gaining control of parliament. The board voted unanimously to remove the CEO from his position.
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remove someone or something from someone or something

to take someone or something away from someone or something. The authorities removed the child from his mother. They removed the dog from the kennel.
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remove someone from something

to take someone out of an office or position. The county board removed the sheriff from office. She removed herself from office voluntarily.
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Cellphones have already removed us from many situations that used to happen face-to-face, and we have become so dependent on the technology that cellphone addiction is "an increasingly realistic possibility," according to a recent Baylor University study.
After they removed us from our cell, they hit me in the back with a steel rod and then picked me up and threw me into a van." Refugees at Monday's protest, now living on the streets with no food or water, sounded increasingly desperate.
The government removed us from our homes and corralled us like cattle, permitting us only those few possession that we could carry.
``At the moment, the newspapers have already removed us from being favourites for the title but I don't mind that.
"Celta removed us from the UEFA Cup in 1998 by winning 3-1 at Villa Park, then beat Liverpool as well.