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at one remove

Indirectly; with a degree of separation. Primarily heard in UK. I didn't go to college, but my sister did, so I got to experience college life at one remove.
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remove from (someone or something)

1. To physically take someone or something out of something or some place. A noun or pronoun is used between "remove" and "from." Be sure not to remove the USB device from the computer until it is finished transferring all of the information. They removed the prisoner from his holding cell and brought him to the courtroom.
2. To extract something from someone or someone's body. A noun or pronoun is used between "remove" and "from." We'll need to remove the bullet from him if we're going to stop the bleeding. I used a pair of tweezers to remove the bits of glass from her hand.
3. To take someone or something out of someone's custody. A noun or pronoun is used between "remove" and "from." Social services removed the children from the abusive parents. We've removed dozens of animals from people suspected of organizing or participating in the illegal dogfighting ring.
4. To oust someone from a job, position, or public office. A noun or pronoun is used between "remove" and "from." They plan on removing the prime minster from power after gaining control of parliament. The board voted unanimously to remove the CEO from his position.
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three moves are as bad as a fire

1. Moving one's business or household naturally incurs such losses and damages to one's property that moving three times would be equal to what one would lose in a fire. An adaptation of the quote by Benjamin Franklin that "three removes are as bad as a fire." I've had to move so many times in pursuit of stable employment, and I've lost track of all the things I've misplaced or broken in the process. I guess it's true what they say—three moves are as bad as a fire.
2. By extension, effecting too much change too quickly can result in much greater difficulties or misfortunes than one might face by staying the course or remaining steadfast. Three moves are as bad as a fire, as the adage goes, and in these economically volatile times, the government's plans to overhaul every aspect of the country's public services is not simply foolish—it's downright dangerous.
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remove someone from something

to take someone out of an office or position. The county board removed the sheriff from office. She removed herself from office voluntarily.
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remove someone or something from someone or something

to take someone or something away from someone or something. The authorities removed the child from his mother. They removed the dog from the kennel.
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Besides media removability and device reliability, three other characteristics are of interest to users of disk storage devices: capacity, speed, and cost.
Once the presumption against removability is eliminated from consideration, the implausibility of the district court's construction of 28 U.S.C.
(59) In other cases, plaintiffs who include potentially removable aliens have brought class action suits seeking a declaration that use of detainers to request that persons be held so that ICE may investigate their removability is unconstitutional, (60) or have requested injunctions barring state or local governments from holding people pursuant to immigration detainers.
Generally, these coatings are recognized as the top performing material, but their applicability is limited due to their high cost and difficult removability.
Tape also retains the critical advantages of scalability to meet the ever-increasing demand lot storage and removability for off-line storage, meeting the needs of tree disaster recovery.
Salgado-Sosa conceded removability but applied for asylum, withholding of removal, and CAT protection.
It covers everything from clear labels designed specifically for clear packaging, to food rotation labels that provide a clean rinse or clean removability, to HPP-compatible solutions, resealable labels and coupon materials.
For that new defendant, "removability is determined as of the date of the receipt of service of the amended complaint, not as of the date on which the original suit was filed in state court." Braud, 445 F.
Tape data protection benefits include removability for off-site storage, lowest cost per megabyte, and highest possible capacities per removable medium.
Additionally, sureFLEX W120 with higher-shear V-01 permanent acrylic adhesive offers open time for clean removability of label misplacements at dispensing.
In this context, it has been taught that a combination of two film-forming polymers and a cross-linked polymer can yield an eye makeup with excellent wear properties and easy removability when desired?
Thus, the removability requirement was abandoned and the first fixed hard disk drive was born.
It also offers open time for clean removability of misapplied labels, allowing the container to be salvaged and re-labeled.
Perhaps the right answer is mass storage to fit the needs of access time versus removability versus price, regard-less of technology type.