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remonstrate (with someone) (about someone or something)

to protest to someone about someone or something. After remonstrating with the manager about the price for a while, Vernon left quietly. I spent an hour remonstrating about Ted with Alice.
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Wei, as a remonstrator, saw himself as a relentless critique who worked to keep the emperor on constant guard.
The Calcifiers, Breeders, and Remonstrators (sometimes he termed them Abettors, because he liked the suggestion of an element of criminality) were her Constants.
They seemed to demonstrate considerable self-confidence whether in managing the affairs of the state as the chief minister or as censors or remonstrators in prosecuting authority figures or even in arguing against the emperor when he made a mistake or pursued an unwise policy.
the denial included the remarks of certain remonstrators, which amounted
As Calhoun rightly observes, the Chinese students, in taking the lead to challenge the Party, were in fact carrying on an age-long tradition in which intellectuals act as self-appointed remonstrators.
The cast of characters included a hearing officer from the State Board of Tax Commissioners, a mayor or council president and two remonstrators.