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remonstrate (with someone) (about someone or something)

to protest to someone about someone or something. After remonstrating with the manager about the price for a while, Vernon left quietly. I spent an hour remonstrating about Ted with Alice.
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The next day it was a dog, even dirtier and more forlorn, perhaps, than was the kitten; and again Miss Polly, to her dumfounded amazement, found herself figuring as a kind protector and an angel of mercy--a role that Pollyanna so unhesitatingly thrust upon her as a matter of course, that the woman--who abhorred dogs even more than she did cats, if possible--found herself as before, powerless to remonstrate.
Socrates proceeds:--Suppose the Laws of Athens to come and remonstrate with him: they will ask 'Why does he seek to overturn them?
She did not remonstrate, except again to repulse him quietly but firmly.
I remonstrate against these outrages upon reason and truth, of course, but it does no good.
FURY: Pards remonstrates with the officials and is sent to the stands (right)
UP IN ARMS Didier Drogba cannot believe it as a chance goes begging NOTHING TO SING ABOUT Boss Carlo Ancelotti remonstrates with his side