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remonstrate (with someone) (about someone or something)

to protest to someone about someone or something. After remonstrating with the manager about the price for a while, Vernon left quietly. I spent an hour remonstrating about Ted with Alice.
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I remonstrate against these outrages upon reason and truth, of course, but it does no good.
Crayford what was passing in Clara's mind, and warned her that the attempt to reason and remonstrate would be little better than a voluntary waste of words and time.
And Aunt Polly, in the sitting room--who abhorred cats--fell back in her chair with a gasp of dismay, powerless to remonstrate.
The next day it was a dog, even dirtier and more forlorn, perhaps, than was the kitten; and again Miss Polly, to her dumfounded amazement, found herself figuring as a kind protector and an angel of mercy--a role that Pollyanna so unhesitatingly thrust upon her as a matter of course, that the woman--who abhorred dogs even more than she did cats, if possible--found herself as before, powerless to remonstrate.
Even Mr Dennis, who was not at all particular on the score of gravity or dignity, and who had a great relish for his young friend's eccentric humours, took occasion to remonstrate with him on this imprudent behaviour, which he held to be a species of suicide, tantamount to a man's working himself off without being overtaken by the law, than which he could imagine nothing more ridiculous or impertinent.
FURY: Pards remonstrates with the officials and is sent to the stands (right)
UP IN ARMS Didier Drogba cannot believe it as a chance goes begging NOTHING TO SING ABOUT Boss Carlo Ancelotti remonstrates with his side