remit (something) to (someone or something)

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remit (something) to (someone or something)

To send, transfer, or refer something to someone or something else. The tenant is hereby instructed to remit all outstanding payments to the landlord within 30 days or else face immediate eviction. We are remitting the case to the supreme court for a final decision.
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remit something to someone or something

to send something, especially money, to someone or a group. Please remit your rent to your landlady immediately. You are requested to remit your loan payment to the bank on time this month.
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remit to

1. To transmit money to someone: You must remit the tuition to the registrar today.
2. To refer a legal case to another court for further consideration or action: The judge remitted the case to the state court.
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References in classic literature ?
While this paper was remitted to the comte, another messenger brought to D'Artagnan a little bundle of parchments, adorned with all the seals employed in setting off property deeds in England.
THE Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN), on Wednesday, revealed that it had only recovered over N35 billion from the N200trn from Commercial Banks being the cost of stamp duty collected and not remitted to the Federation Account as required by law.
The LandBank was allowed to waive its dividend contributions to boost its capital requirements, which brought the amount remitted to the BTr at P40.17 billion.
In the past 5 years, $94 billion were remitted to Pakistan from overseas Pakistanis.
A total of 55 GOCCs remitted to the Bureau of the Treasury as of September 2018.
The COA said that apart from this beginning balance, the BIR had also deducted from the salaries of its officials and employees a total of P1.285 billion in withholding taxes and social contributions for the entire 2017, thus a total of P1.339 billion should have been remitted to the concerned agencies.
Suppliers, in order to arrive at the VAT to be remitted to the revenue authority, are required to net off VAT on taxable purchases (input tax) against VAT on taxable sales (output tax).
If a minimum of P10 million can be remitted to the PCSO daily, the government could earn as much as P300 million a month in one province alone.
PNB Xpress Money Remit Card is a prepaid product that features a unique combination offering dual benefits of "Debit + Remit" that will make it easier for a customer in India to access funds remitted to them by loved ones residing abroad.
The order requires Irwin Union Bank to pay a civil money penalty of $22,300, which will be remitted to the Federal Emergency Management Agency for deposit into the National Flood Mitigation Fund.
Consequently, individuals may need to file nonresident realms to claim a refund of income taxes withheld and remitted to the state in excess of any amount ultimately owed.
A sales and use tax "reverse audit" which is conducted by tax practitioners, is similar in many ways to the state government's review, but it seeks to identify and recover tax overpayments remitted to suppliers or filed directly as a self-assessment of use tax.
the total amount remitted to the Bureau of the Treasury (BTr) to only P40.178 billion.
A triumvirate of state-owned agencies under the Department of Transportation (DOTr) made it among the Government-Owned and -Controlled Corporations (GOCCs) with the highest amount of dividends remitted to the country's coffers in 2017.