remit to

remit (something) to (someone or something)

To send, transfer, or refer something to someone or something else. The tenant is hereby instructed to remit all outstanding payments to the landlord within 30 days or else face immediate eviction. We are remitting the case to the supreme court for a final decision.
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remit something to someone or something

to send something, especially money, to someone or a group. Please remit your rent to your landlady immediately. You are requested to remit your loan payment to the bank on time this month.
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remit to

1. To transmit money to someone: You must remit the tuition to the registrar today.
2. To refer a legal case to another court for further consideration or action: The judge remitted the case to the state court.
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The sudden depreciation of currency attracts more people to remit funds and during these times, it is noticed that consumers also borrow to remit to home country for further savings and investments," he added.
Presumably that is the quota than an operator should remit to the PCSO every month,' Aguirre explained adding that it would ensure that STL operators would not be able to cheat the government on their sales and revenues which he added was rampant in the past.
Former President Corazon Aquino established the PCGG on February 28, 1986 primarily to recover and remit to the national treasury the ill-gotten wealth of Mr.
Another GAR remit to reinstate the nursing and midwifery advisory committee as an NZNO standing committee was lost.
"I called on Remit to find an enthusiastic young person who could add to our team, and help us build our business further."
1, payers who are required to withhold and remit backup withholding to the IRS are also required to withhold and remit to the FTB.
The five principles for the public service remit in member states include a legal act entrusting that remit to a broadcaster; an independent control authority to verify implementation of that remit; a proportionality test to ensure that the money granted is not excessive; and separate accounting for public service broadcasters with commercial activities.
The attorney in the ruling was a shareholder/employee in a law firm whose bylaws required all lawyer-shareholders to remit to the firm any compensation received from third parties for services normally provided by the firm.
(Had Worden been required to remit to Federal Home Life the gross premium, the court said it might have reached a different conclusion.)
According the charge sheet filed before the Sandiganbayan, the Office of the Special Prosecutor accused Dela Cruz, area director Bernardito Gonzales, and accountant Arlene Bendanillo of allegedly conspiring and confederating with one another to commit the criminal offense of failing to remit to the GSIS at least P35,178.45 worth of loan amortizations collected or deducted from the salary of Santos Jose Pamatong Jr.
High on the agenda was preparing to present a rule remit to include the TRT chair on the board of directors, doubling current representation from the present NSU chair.
They were charged with failing to remit to the Bureau of Internal Revenue the municipal government's tax collections worth P1,272,831,63 from 2008 to 2009.
Last year's conference had called for a comprehensive remit to be submitted to the 2008 conference implementing the "one member, one vote" entitlement.