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remit (something) to (someone or something)

To send, transfer, or refer something to someone or something else. The tenant is hereby instructed to remit all outstanding payments to the landlord within 30 days or else face immediate eviction. We are remitting the case to the supreme court for a final decision.
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remit something to someone or something

to send something, especially money, to someone or a group. Please remit your rent to your landlady immediately. You are requested to remit your loan payment to the bank on time this month.
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remit to

1. To transmit money to someone: You must remit the tuition to the registrar today.
2. To refer a legal case to another court for further consideration or action: The judge remitted the case to the state court.
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Every member will now vote on such remits online (or by postal ballot where necessary), rather than at the AGM.
He continues: "As questions arise as to the Channel's capacity to provide high quality content on all platforms as broadcast technology develops, we ask that you consider conducting an independent review into the Channel's remit and scope."
Remit has been supporting the charity for two years, providing tools and resources to enable them to set up a new vocational centre teaching motor mechanics.
With Remit Shield customers can feel comfortable knowing that their bank will offer the assistance in times of need.
"Robert's skills are improving every day, thanks to what he's learning at college, through his Remit assessor and, of course, while he's on the job.
The company said that individuals who register for the Power RT REMIT Data Portal will gain access to Genscape's Energy Market Mapping software that aggregates European REMIT data in real-time as it posts.
Bank of New York Mellon (NYSE: BK) has appointed BDO Remit as payout agent for its low-value payment processing platform.
Similar to the current version, the revised version provides that, when the purchaser delivers an exemption certificate claiming MPU, the seller is relived of its obligation to collect, pay or remit the applicable tax; the purchaser is obligated to pay the appropriate sales/use tax to those jurisdictions in which concurrent use is available.
If a student had not paid tuition, the letter asked schools to charge the home institution's rate of tuition and remit the amount to the damaged school.
The propensity to remit seems to be greater among immigrants who are undocumented, those who have left dependents in Mexico, those with lower levels of education and English skills, and the unbanked, the authors conclude.
These mothers, fathers, brothers, and sisters remit close to $8 billion each year to family members back home in the Philippines, accounting for more than 10 percent of the country's Gross Domestic Product (GDP).
Among patients who did remit, half relapsed at least once during the study (2.5 times on average), he said.
The AICPA's Employee Benefit Plans Expert Panel has learned that the Department of Labor's focus on reviewing the timeliness of employee remittances has recently involved a review of the benefit plan administrator's ability to remit funds on a bimonthly basis.
The most recent and most exciting innovation yet from KLIK.COM, is the development of KLIK REMIT Remittance Processing Services.
Traditionally, the obligation to calculate and remit sales tax is imposed on the supplier.