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reminisce about (someone or something)

To recall or think back on memories of someone or something, especially in a fond and sentimental manner. We sat together reminiscing about the wild times we had in college together. I say by the fire with a glass of wine, reminiscing about the first girl I ever truly loved.
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reminisce with (one) (about someone or something)

To spend time with one thinking back on and sharing memories (of someone or something), especially in a fond and sentimental manner. I spent the whole night reminiscing with Andrew about our times together in college. If you two are finished reminiscing with one , it's high time we got some work done!
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reminisce about someone or something

to think about one's memories of someone or something; to discuss or share memories of someone or something. They were reminiscing about their old friends. The old men sat and reminisced about the good old days.
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reminisce with someone

to share memories with someone. I love to reminisce with my sister about old times. Todd was reminiscing with Alice about the good old days.
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Together they discuss their common experiences and reminisce about their comic heroes: in particular, Roy's admiration for the cheeky chappie himself, Max Miller.
in Juneau." Jackson also fondly reminisces about his trip to Juneau, where he says Alaskan Smoked Porter was "presented to me at a picnic, with lox and bagels, in the middle of an icefield around 15 miles from Juneau."
She reminisces about her past, allowing the memories of living in Liberia to nag and taunt her.
Parentless Dossi reminisces about a wonderful summer visit with the Meade family.
In the video Carola Shares, filmed at California's Kinetic Fitness Studios, Trier reminisces about her career as .a contortionist and roller skater.
As he reminisces about his years at Science Service, Ted likes to emphasize a specific educational challenge of the STS and the ISEF: Both require students to conduct real research.
Pinner, a trainer and development specialist who sometimes works in her family's restaurant, Ern's Seafood, in Saginaw, Michigan, reminisces and shares desserts from her childhood.
Madeleine reminisces about her childhood; the path from bad to plummeting.
From there she tells stories, reminisces, even sings, as she sews ribbons onto her slippers.
Speaking in the clear, cultured tones of a Southern lady, Windham reminisces about peak events, such as when her new green rubber bathing suit split up the back at the old swimming hole, Santa delivered her red scooter by train on Christmas Day, and an elephant almost sat on her at the circus.