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reminiscent of (someone or something)

1. Calling to mind a particular person or thing. The smells in the kitchen were very reminiscent of the food my grandmother used to cook for us when we were kids. I heard a voice reminiscent of my long-lost brother.
2. Similar to or suggestive of a particular person or thing. The movie's editing is reminiscent of one of Quentin Tarantino's earlier films. The quarterback has been exuding a confidence reminiscent of John Elway or Dan Marino.
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reminiscent of someone or something

reminding someone about someone or something; seeming like or suggesting someone or something. This fragrance is reminiscent of fresh flowers. Jane's dress seems reminiscent of the style worn in the 1920s.
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By Mike Derderian, Star Staff Writer Upon reaching the last page of D.M Thomas's novel Ararat I found myself reminiscently gazing at the remote peak of a holy mountain, where scientists once speculated is the final resting place of Noah's ark after the deluge receded.One's joy after finishing a good book cannot be compared to anything else in the world.
The green shutters at either edge of the nineteenth-century painting, even their proportionate widths, ring reminiscently with the canvas-back and window rim of the seventeenth-century one, and then the shadowy interior of The Balcony, with its phantom child, its ghostly objects on an equally spectral shelf, and its whispered hint of a still-life painting on the wall, murmurs with the memory of the pictured, mirrored, and courtiered back wall of Las Meninas.
As with any reminiscently metonymic enterprise, we must consider this solution as containing under its banner a few constituent movements--or subsets of interpretation.
Nothing is tranquil here and, indeed, the work ends reminiscently of its opening but now on a note of bitter tragedy.
The last two lines echo reminiscently the general trajectory that Cervantes gives Don Quijote; after one adventure he rides off into another:
"Yes," the voice was saying reminiscently, "I remember that as a child in Paris I was once allowed to be present at an evening party.
They looked reminiscently to the political philosophy that brought them the Great Society, and elected Bill Clinton, who expressed more concern and caring for needful Americans.
The character portraits in The Diary emerge, as Bishop suggests in her preface, as reminiscently Wordsworthian -- figures made somehow grotesque by their losses and their commitment to thrive in spite of them.
In Viaggiando con passo di volpe, Maraini speaks reminiscently of "covando in panda un bambino che aveva in effetti gli occhi celesti.