reminiscent of

reminiscent of (someone or something)

1. Calling to mind a particular person or thing. The smells in the kitchen were very reminiscent of the food my grandmother used to cook for us when we were kids. I heard a voice reminiscent of my long-lost brother.
2. Similar to or suggestive of a particular person or thing. The movie's editing is reminiscent of one of Quentin Tarantino's earlier films. The quarterback has been exuding a confidence reminiscent of John Elway or Dan Marino.
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reminiscent of someone or something

reminding someone about someone or something; seeming like or suggesting someone or something. This fragrance is reminiscent of fresh flowers. Jane's dress seems reminiscent of the style worn in the 1920s.
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References in classic literature ?
Many of the paragraphs will be found to be merely reminiscent of former discourses.
The first ten verses, here, are reminiscent of "War and Warriors" and of "The Flies in the Market-Place." Verses 11 and 12, however, are particularly important.
The elder one, Morgan, was a huge man, bronzed and moustached, with a deep bass voice and an almost guttural speech, and the other, Raff, was slight and effeminate, with nervous hands and watery, washed-out gray eyes, who spoke with a faint indefinable accent that was hauntingly reminiscent of the Cockney, and that was yet not Cockney of any brand she had ever encountered.
A delicate pathos perfumed her disconnected remarks, giving them unexpected beauty, just as in the decaying autumn woods there sometimes rise odours reminiscent of spring.
Somehow or other, these spring flowers, stiffly set out and with shrivelled edges--a little reminiscent of the last east wind--still seemed to him, in their perfume at any rate, to being him memories of his own country.
33 ff.), which is reminiscent of Herbart's "Zusammen." I think the relation may be called simply "simultaneity." It might be said that at any moment all sorts of things that are not part of my experience are happening in the world, and that therefore the relation we are seeking to define cannot be merely simultaneity.
Oppo has teased a new display prototype that spills on both the left and right sides, reminiscent of Samsung's 'spilling' edge display.
JARDIN DE JADE, Block A, 2558 Yan'an Road West, LOOK beyond the grandiose interior, reminiscent of a flashy Las Vegas hotel, because the food on offer here is first class.
Garden Trading Set of Kitchen Scales, in Flint PS20, John Lewis AN attractive set of scales that are reminiscent of those seen in traditional greengrocers.
Killer Queen by Katy Perry ($59), from Coty, combines what's called a "bewitching" fragrance with a bottle reminiscent of royalty.
Influenced by his clothing range, Paul Costelloe's new styles are reminiscent of the popular television show, Mad Men.
embassies in the Middle East is the most serious in years and the "chatter" among suspected terrorists is reminiscent of what preceded the September 11 attacks, a U.S.
Summary: Australia produced a bowling display reminiscent of the side`s era of dominance as they swept India aside to secure a 122-run victory.
Summary: The struggle between residents of the Metn town of Mansourieh and the government over a project to install high-tension electricity lines is reminiscent of popular uprisings in the Arab world, according to former Social Affairs Minister Salim Sayegh.