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reminiscent of (someone or something)

1. Calling to mind a particular person or thing. The smells in the kitchen were very reminiscent of the food my grandmother used to cook for us when we were kids. I heard a voice reminiscent of my long-lost brother.
2. Similar to or suggestive of a particular person or thing. The movie's editing is reminiscent of one of Quentin Tarantino's earlier films. The quarterback has been exuding a confidence reminiscent of John Elway or Dan Marino.
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reminiscent of someone or something

reminding someone about someone or something; seeming like or suggesting someone or something. This fragrance is reminiscent of fresh flowers. Jane's dress seems reminiscent of the style worn in the 1920s.
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These are reminiscent pods designed as places for people with dementia to sit with the aim of relieving anxiety.
Oversized round and cat-eye shapes appear in Retro's latest collection of six new frames, reminiscent of 1960s fashion.
He said the "chatter" - communications among terrorism suspects about the planning of a possible attack - was "very reminiscent of what we saw pre-9/11.
BEIRUT: The struggle between residents of the Metn town of Mansourieh and the government over a project to install high-tension electricity lines is reminiscent of popular uprisings in the Arab world, according to former Social Affairs Minister Salim Sayegh.
it also has laidback tunes such as Our first Time, reminiscent of soulful Stevie Wonder, reggae-influenced The Lazy Song and cheesy rock tune Runaway Baby shows his fun side too.
Reminiscent of a traditional Persian culture, Darya (meaning Sea) serves excellent authentic Iranian cuisine along with the freshly baked Iranian bread.
Monologues reminiscent of balads bring together the tale of a community driven by murder, sex, violence, betrayal, secrets, lies, alcohol, execution, and miscarriage.
Caramelly: An aromatic sensation created by the sugar compounds that produce tastes reminiscent of candy or syrup.
With its Arts and Crafts style, Willow Valley is nestled in the Pennsylvania countryside, reminiscent of an early-20th century country estate.
Superman is raised on earth in a "backwater" town reminiscent of Nazareth: Smallville.
Buicks were race cars, or had dual pontoon fenders reminiscent of the Lockheed P-38 Lightning.
Cheap and plentiful alcohol could cause a health crisis reminiscent of the horrors of the 18th century "Gin Lane", a liver expert warned today.
The Irish-born artist, who was raised in England, relies on deceptively simple compositions based on iterations of horizontal and vertical blocks of heavily layered color, a style he amusingly labels "Druid Minimalism," and for much of his career he has veered toward an abstraction reminiscent of, among others, Agnes Martin and Robert Ryman.
NEW YORK-The fall season typically brings a palette rich with deep, dark shades reminiscent of those blanketing the landscape at this time of year.
Distillers, who may be uncomfortable with seeing their products consumed in a manner reminiscent of marijuana and opium, are among the most vocal opponents of AWOL, which could work against their efforts to project a responsible image and to market brands based on taste.