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reminiscent of (someone or something)

1. Calling to mind a particular person or thing. The smells in the kitchen were very reminiscent of the food my grandmother used to cook for us when we were kids. I heard a voice reminiscent of my long-lost brother.
2. Similar to or suggestive of a particular person or thing. The movie's editing is reminiscent of one of Quentin Tarantino's earlier films. The quarterback has been exuding a confidence reminiscent of John Elway or Dan Marino.
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reminiscent of someone or something

reminding someone about someone or something; seeming like or suggesting someone or something. This fragrance is reminiscent of fresh flowers. Jane's dress seems reminiscent of the style worn in the 1920s.
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A bird persona, reminiscent of Max Ernst's Loplop or Magritte's urban pigeon but with far less iconic presence, has indeed infiltrated many of Hume's recent paintings: Nest II, 1998, with its nursery pinks and blues and its looming mother-dove figure, and Pink Bird, 1998, more an homage to orientalism and the Aesthetic Movement, in dusky rose and sultry umber, with a single, bird-beckoning aubergine twig.
The Relief of Mass Hysteria is the MTV ballet to end them all, featuring bells, whistles, balloons, dancers leaping into the empty orchestra pit, graffiti, and choreography more reminiscent of the positions of the Kama Sutra than the five positions of the danse d'ecole.
Reminiscent of certain Surrealist images, this work demonstrates, most efficaciously, how the subtle ambiguity of Bourgeois' language can achieve results of almost overwhelming expressiveness.
Unlike the classics of Minimalist sculpture, which attempted to maintain a fine-art patina through monochromatic color schemes, Gallucci's strips of pile carpet are often imprinted with stripes, checks, and honeycomb patterns reminiscent of '70s institutional decor.
In addition, Schieberle picked up fragrances reminiscent of cloves, mushrooms, caramel, vanilla, roast potatoes, cooked apples and fried fat.
Crimson Tally, Louis Nenda (reminiscent of Star Wars' Han Solo) and a band of other explorers, scientists, and aliens are brought together to investigate a force that is destroying star systems in the Sagittarius Arm of the galaxy.
That this sort of indifference to the object world could produce forms reminiscent of Aztecan and Mayan civilization was Keister's thesis, his "interstitial archaeology." From the titles of his sculptures to the peculiar blend of linearity and rondure he gives his forms, Keister established an eerie resonance between our era and theirs.
Their calculations indicate the earliest life helped make the planet more hospitable for later forms -- a suggestion reminiscent of the controversial Gaia hypothesis, which holds that life regulates conditions on Earth.
This is mildly racy, with some talk of sex, but it's not graphic, Reminiscent of the Gossip Girl series, this novel is perfect beach reading.
The other, exquisite early psychodramas, reminiscent of the films of Maya Deren, include Swain, 1950, in which a young man flees from a woman who represents what is for him an oppressive sexual identity, only to be engulfed by madness, and the dreamlike Eldora, 1953, which describes love's fragmenting effects on the consciousness of an adolescent girl.
A surprisingly large percentage of parents and siblings of austistic individuals display language and personality features reminiscent of autism, suggesting a genetic component for this early-onset developmental disorder, reports Susan E.
Hawke has created a winning series with lots of Shakespearean quotes and earthy humor, reminiscent of Shakespeare in Love.
Rode Pauw (Red peacock, 1993) consists of two shapes on a pedestal reminiscent of a pair of spread legs.
Satellite and balloon measurements over the past several years have suggested that Arctic ozone concentrations drop during the winter months (SN: 10/4/86, p.215), in a pattern reminiscent of but slightly different from the dramatic ozone fluctuations over Antarctica.
Ten years elapse since Katie and George first were attracted to each other, and the obstacles to their romance are reminiscent of Dickens.