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reminisce about (someone or something)

To recall or think back on memories of someone or something, especially in a fond and sentimental manner. We sat together reminiscing about the wild times we had in college together. I say by the fire with a glass of wine, reminiscing about the first girl I ever truly loved.
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reminisce with (one) (about someone or something)

To spend time with one thinking back on and sharing memories (of someone or something), especially in a fond and sentimental manner. I spent the whole night reminiscing with Andrew about our times together in college. If you two are finished reminiscing with one , it's high time we got some work done!
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reminisce about someone or something

to think about one's memories of someone or something; to discuss or share memories of someone or something. They were reminiscing about their old friends. The old men sat and reminisced about the good old days.
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reminisce with someone

to share memories with someone. I love to reminisce with my sister about old times. Todd was reminiscing with Alice about the good old days.
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LET THEM EAT KREMOWKI The pope sent sales of Polish cream cakes skyrocketing when, during his most recent visit to Poland, he reminisced about how much he had enjoyed the treats as a boy.
When shown the picture of a woman and child, many orphans reminisced about their war experiences and described orphanage life as a positive change.
Agitated residents became calm, unhappy, withdrawn residents smiled and laughed, "nonverbal" residents spoke to, and about, the dog, and normally isolated residents gathered and reminisced about childhood pets.
He reminisced about the terrible time in the history of The Bronx when abandoned housing had fake window paintings installed to make the apartments look occupied.
Pat Aufderheide, Daniel Ellsberg, Ralph Nader, and Daniel Schorr all spoke, and then about ten others stood up and reminisced about Erwin.
"Through the destruction of the picture as such, I found my way to junk sculpture," Muhl reminisced in 2001, and from there to "the human body as a structuring object." Structuring, in the context of Viennese Actionism, means first and foremost exposure--nakedness among pigments and edible produce, laden with sex and brutality, with repression challenged to the point where a temporary catharsis is joyfully welcomed: the violent reaction of the public and the intervention by the police and justice system the instant the actions no longer took place in private.
In his response, Archbishop Peers noted that the week marked the 45th anniversary of his ordination and reminisced about each of the 15 General Synods he attended.
Reverend Howard Moody, the minister who allowed all the crazy dancers into his sanctuary forty years ago, reminisced about how he almost got kicked out of the Baptist Convention for letting them dance au naturel.
"I never dreamed it would be like this," said Archbishop Michael Peers, primate of the Anglican Church of Canada as he reminisced before 1,000 Lutherans at the 10th Assembly of the Lutheran World Federation.
"Secret behind secret, veil behind veil - not seven of them, but eight, twelve, thirty, fifty!" reminisced Sergei Eisenstein in rapturous praise of the work of Meyerhold, the man he called his "spiritual father." Secret behind secret, in the Cloister of Sor Juana, the very rich, unsettling hours of Belen are revealed.