reminisce about

reminisce about (someone or something)

To recall or think back on memories of someone or something, especially in a fond and sentimental manner. We sat together reminiscing about the wild times we had in college together. I say by the fire with a glass of wine, reminiscing about the first girl I ever truly loved.
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reminisce about someone or something

to think about one's memories of someone or something; to discuss or share memories of someone or something. They were reminiscing about their old friends. The old men sat and reminisced about the good old days.
See also: reminisce
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Activity: Reminisce about how washday used to be, 9:30 a.m.; Prize Bingo, 10:30 a.m.
She must have a lot of spare time to reminisce about her past.
Desperately unhappy and anxious, she starts to reminisce about her old flame, Adam Carver.
Cameras follow the sisters as they exchange presents and reminisce about the last three decades.
Tucker was broad and six feet high He was just a Marsh Lane guy No pretensions, airs or graces He could even fasten his own shoelaces When you met Tucker, you became his friend And he would back you, right 'til the end His stories were bad, his jokes the worst But he'd make you laugh 'Til you thought you'd burst When you worked with Tucker, time would Fly so fast He would always reminisce About the past He's passed on now and no-one knows why Tucker was just a Marsh Lane guy by Matt Smith, Bootle (another Marsh Lane guy)
Parents were asked to reminisce about four past emotional experiences of the child - happy, sad, a conflict with a peer and a conflict with a parent - and two past play interactions they experienced together.
New series in which celebrities reminisce about their schoolday antics, recalling games, chants and nicknames from the playground.
To celebrate, the four - Capt Ian Beaumont, Capt Steve Greenwood, Cmdr Graham Charlesworth and Lt-Cmdr Phil Dickinson - arranged a lunch at the base wardroom to reminisce about their schooldays.
They look forward to it for two or three months and reminisce about it for a month afterward, so it ends up being a huge part of their lives.
During their trip they reminisce about their careers and their friendship.
While older patrons still reminisce about the wild parties and famous faces of the past, an eclectic younger crowd fills Barfusser these days.
Together they discuss their common experiences and reminisce about their comic heroes: in particular, Roy's admiration for the cheeky chappie himself, Max Miller.
Stacy, 12, agrees, "We're still best friends, and changing bodies won't ever get in the way of that!" Reminisce about last year's talent show, your massive mosquito bites and that unfortunate canoe incident.
WHEN Tia and Tamera both get diagnosed with appendicitis, Ray and Lisa reminisce about their once healthy twins.
Now if NATO were just a club for white people of non-Slavic origin, a place for them to gather over sherry and reminisce about the fun times at Normandy and Ypres, what would it matter how big it got?