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reminisce about (someone or something)

To recall or think back on memories of someone or something, especially in a fond and sentimental manner. We sat together reminiscing about the wild times we had in college together. I say by the fire with a glass of wine, reminiscing about the first girl I ever truly loved.
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reminisce with (one) (about someone or something)

To spend time with one thinking back on and sharing memories (of someone or something), especially in a fond and sentimental manner. I spent the whole night reminiscing with Andrew about our times together in college. If you two are finished reminiscing with one , it's high time we got some work done!
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reminisce about someone or something

to think about one's memories of someone or something; to discuss or share memories of someone or something. They were reminiscing about their old friends. The old men sat and reminisced about the good old days.
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reminisce with someone

to share memories with someone. I love to reminisce with my sister about old times. Todd was reminiscing with Alice about the good old days.
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Because Memory Lane is available to the entire facility, activities staff also use the area as a therapeutic environment for small groups to reminisce, and to relax those who have behavioral problems.
In the years since, the celebration of classics music has gone from strength to strength, and this year the Reminisce arena is one of six on the Sherdley Park site.
Events4Fun promoter Maurice Olum said: "The North-east is famous for its appreciation of high quality music events and festivals and we think Reminisce will prove another successful event on the back of last year's hugely popular show.
To celebrate, the four - Capt Ian Beaumont, Capt Steve Greenwood, Cmdr Graham Charlesworth and Lt-Cmdr Phil Dickinson - arranged a lunch at the base wardroom to reminisce about their schooldays.
Essays in four sections (Parents and Children, Family Secrets, What We Took From the Camps, and From the Past to the Future) reminisce about the experiences of some 18 authors who were scarred by their years in the internment camps set up for Japanese Americans living on the west coast during WW II.
The important thing, she adds, is that the residents are able to connect with their expression and reminisce, to go back.
Today, however, property values are increasing at a moderate 8 to 20 percent appreciation rate, and by 1995 we will reminisce about the low prices that characterized commercial real estate in 1993 and 1994.
It's Good to Reminisce MY MEMORY is a bubble I do not want to burst, For looking back restores my soul .
Thousands of revellers are expected at the Reminisce 70s festival on Saturday, July 13, at the Eaglescliffe park, when a host of top tribute acts will perform.
During a reminiscence session, the song "Over There," for example, prompted one woman to reminisce about watching the trains carrying soldiers off to war as a little girl, says Waldrup.
COUNCIL bosses have issued a warning over a bad batch of ecstasy pills ahead of this weekend's Reminisce dance festival in St Helens.
In the end, David goes to Vietnam and returns wounded, and the brothers reminisce about their time on the river.