remind (one) of (someone or something)

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remind (one) of (someone or something)

To inspire a recollection, resemblance, or association in one's mind about someone or something. You really remind me of your father at that age—headstrong and mischievous, just like you! This town reminds me a lot of the place where I grew up. That reminds me of a funny story I heard last week.
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remind someone of someone or something

to bring a memory of someone or something into someone's mind. You remind me of my brother. The happy song reminded us of our cabin on the lake.
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remind of

1. To cause someone to remember something; bring to someone's mind some thought or memory: Your story reminds me of the time I went to Texas.
2. To appear to someone to resemble something or someone else: That woman reminds me of my mother.
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In every form, it reminds us of what we are, what we have and what we could give, what story we could tell.
SIALKOT -- Chief Executive Officer of Sialkot International Airport Limited (SIAL) Maj-Gen (r) Mir Haider Ali Khan has said that the Defence Day of Pakistan reminds us of the unmatched sacrifices of our armed forced they offered 52 years ago to prove to the world that the defence of Pakistan was unassailable.
The diversity and patriotism of America's religious communities give strength to all of us, and our freedom to worship reminds us of the values we share."
The flour of the pancake reminds us of the life you give...
Frankincense reminds us of the hope that comes from prayer; hearts and minds stilled before God can find comfort, peace, joy and love in the most difficult circumstances.
Summary: ALGIERS- Head of Government Ahmed Ouyahia s aid Saturday here that the global financial crisis "reminds us of our serious dependence" to oil and we must start working to prepare post-oil era.
The circle of the wreath reminds us of God Himself; his eternity and endless mercy which has no beginning or end.
The Catechism reminds us of these charisms (# 2003-2004).
He reminds us of the historical churches of the global South such as the Ethiopian church and that these and other newer Christian churches are growing exponentially.
The prophet Isaiah reminds us of the days of Noah and his salvation from the menace of water by the grace of God.
This post-Easter season reminds us of the challenge given us by the risen and ascended Jesus.
She visits the world of Islam a few times and also brings the reader into the worlds of Buddhism (she reminds us of the Zen maxim: "Great doubt, great awakening"), Hinduism, and Chinese philosophy.
First of all He is OUR Father, which reminds us of the brotherhood of all mankind and our brothers and sisters in Christ.Secondly, He is our FATHER, which reminds us that we are His children and He regards us with the love and forgiveness which all fathers should always have for their children.
He then reminds us of the image that `when I point my finger at my neighbour there are three more pointing back at me'.