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need I remind you (that)

A slightly condescending introduction to a reminder of some fact or situation. Need I remind you that you are still bound by the obligations of your parole? This sort of behavior will lead you straight back to prison! I understand your sentiments, but need I remind you the profitability of our company is the highest priority?
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need I remind you of (something)

A slightly condescending introduction to a reminder of some fact or stipulation. Need I remind you of the terms of your parole? This sort of behavior will lead you straight back to prison! This sort of scandal is completely unacceptable—need I remind you of our company's reputation and global ambitions?
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remind (one) about (something)

To cause one to recollect or think about something that one has forgotten. Thank you for reminding me about my doctor's appointment tomorrow—I had completely forgotten!
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remind (one) of (someone or something)

To inspire a recollection, resemblance, or association in one's mind about someone or something. You really remind me of your father at that age—headstrong and mischievous, just like you! This town reminds me a lot of the place where I grew up. That reminds me of a funny story I heard last week.
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need I remind you that...

 and need I remind you of...
a phrase that introduces a reminder. (A little haughty or parental.) Bill: Need I remind you that today is Fri-day? Bob (sarcastically): Gee, how else would I have known? John: Need I remind you of our policy against smoking in the office? Jane: Sorry, I forgot.
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remind someone about someone or something

to cause someone to remember someone or something. Will you please remind me about Fred? He's coming to visit next week. I will remind you about your appointments for today.
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remind someone of someone or something

to bring a memory of someone or something into someone's mind. You remind me of my brother. The happy song reminded us of our cabin on the lake.
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remind of

1. To cause someone to remember something; bring to someone's mind some thought or memory: Your story reminds me of the time I went to Texas.
2. To appear to someone to resemble something or someone else: That woman reminds me of my mother.
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16 -- Users will soon be able to assign reminders to their family and friends using the Google Assistant.
'I accept the explanation but I think I shall make the reminder, although Tan Sri (Shafee) said his client did not take selfie, but as a general reminder as this issue arises now and again.
Devices which support the smart assistant, such as Amazon's own Echo line of devices, can now perform time and location-based routines and reminders which are triggered at a specific time or when you enter or leave a specific area, Engadget reported.
Use of a smartphone application that provided daily reminders about topical treatment significantly improved adherence for patients with psoriasis, compared with those who did not use the app.
Other health centers should consider implementing the gyrA assay, and using reminder notifications may improve uptake by providers.
Uber and Lyft occasionally send reminders to members to buckle up in the back, but the ride-sharing companies have no formal strategy on this issue.
Premium users also can attach notes to tasks, collaborate with other users, attach files of any size, choose colors for customized themes, use location-based reminders and qualify for VIP support.
PEMRA reminder - quoting the operative part of the Islamabad High Court (IHC) judgment of February 13, 2017 - said that the court had directed the media that nothing about Valentine's Day and its celebration would be spread on either electronic or print media.
A different style and much more ornate than Liverpool's own Cathedral it may be, but it was a further reminder of home.
The 1st reminder call was given after 7 days if a baby did not report on the scheduled date.
Essentially what happens is that the user has set a reminder for Alexa to reminder for itself.
Petersburg, Russia, October 12, 2017 --( Weather Reminder 2.0 app is released on iOS.
Therefore, the following interventions were implemented: calling families of group-I infants to schedule final appointments regardless of prior attendance; reminder phone calls for remaining visits.
Summary: New dash electronic reminder feature alerts parents of precious cargo in back seat