remind (one) of (someone or something)

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remind (one) of (someone or something)

To inspire a recollection, resemblance, or association in one's mind about someone or something. You really remind me of your father at that age—headstrong and mischievous, just like you! This town reminds me a lot of the place where I grew up. That reminds me of a funny story I heard last week.
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remind someone of someone or something

to bring a memory of someone or something into someone's mind. You remind me of my brother. The happy song reminded us of our cabin on the lake.
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remind of

1. To cause someone to remember something; bring to someone's mind some thought or memory: Your story reminds me of the time I went to Texas.
2. To appear to someone to resemble something or someone else: That woman reminds me of my mother.
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References in classic literature ?
You may read the greatest part of Dickens, as you may read the greatest part of Hawthorne or Tolstoy, and not once be reminded of literature as a business or a cult, but you can hardly read a paragraph, hardly a sentence, of Thackeray's without being reminded of it either by suggestion or downright allusion.
Rook was naturally reminded of the murder, when she heard that my name was Brown; and she must certainly have been struck--as I was--by the coincidence of my father's death taking place at the same time when his unfortunate namesake was killed.
The boy, reminded of his misfortune, began to cry again.
A new study published in the journal Developmental Science brings out the fact that children become better problem-solvers if they are reminded of their roles as a son, friend, brother, to name a few.
It was also nice to be reminded of the kids playing with whip and tops, etc in the streets.
Being reminded of a negative stereotype - say, girls are bad at maths - can make the stereotyped group choke under pressure, a process called stereotype threat.
After going through the ECHO archive and talking about it, I was reminded of many things.
And one is not reminded of the words of his late grandmother to
Reflecting on this very thoughtful and instructive work of pastoral theology, I was reminded of the climax to David Mamet's classically comic (i.e., optimistic) movie, State and Main.
I was also reminded of the League's uniqueness with respect to its grassroots structure and commitment to nonpartisanship.
On evaluating the International Monetary Fund's management of today's highly imbalanced global economy, one cannot help but be reminded of the apocryphal story about the inquest into the sinking of the Titanic.
Just as this counselor remembered to take care of herself at the end of the day, the counseling student needs to be reminded of the importance of self-care.
Here we are reminded of Foucault's fascination with acts of sex between men that were not subsumed by the legal and social order of homosexuality.
I am reminded of the slaughter of the children in Bethlehem.