remind (one) of (someone or something)

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remind (one) of (someone or something)

To inspire a recollection, resemblance, or association in one's mind about someone or something. You really remind me of your father at that age—headstrong and mischievous, just like you! This town reminds me a lot of the place where I grew up. That reminds me of a funny story I heard last week.
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remind someone of someone or something

to bring a memory of someone or something into someone's mind. You remind me of my brother. The happy song reminded us of our cabin on the lake.
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remind of

1. To cause someone to remember something; bring to someone's mind some thought or memory: Your story reminds me of the time I went to Texas.
2. To appear to someone to resemble something or someone else: That woman reminds me of my mother.
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References in classic literature ?
But we must have due regard for them, for they only miss greatness by a little, and remind us of the faint threnodies that stir in the throats of bird musicians upon the dawn.
We wanted something thoroughly and uncompromisingly foreign--foreign from top to bottom--foreign from center to circumference--foreign inside and outside and all around--nothing anywhere about it to dilute its foreignness-- nothing to remind us of any other people or any other land under the sun.
Therefore, let Art always remind us of them; therefore let us always have men ready to give the loving pains of a life to the faithful representing of commonplace things--men who see beauty in these commonplace things, and delight in showing how kindly the light of heaven falls on them.
We have a renowned motor museum to remind us of our great industrial past, but nothing to remind us of the work of a skilled workforce who occupied this site for over a hundred years.
YOUR SPRING Winter creeps away with the shadows of the night Bitter winds now cease to blow, lost their cruel bite The sun is shining through the morning mist For the budding flowers awaiting her kiss As life is renewed in all of nature, trees bursting into leaf Reminding us that winter's ills are only very brief And across the city, everywhere the golden daffodil Like swathes of gold, left by the sun for a promise to fulfil The people's gift to the Marie Curie, the thanks we all proclaim Revived each spring, to remind us of what they overcame So wonder and stare, a world of beauty you'll see And know in your heart it's for you and for me In the spring by Richard Barton
The eggs of the pancake remind us of your creative love..
Who else can one rely on in Egypt to remind us of our fashionable and nationalistic inclinations other than Azza Fahmy?
When the latest star-turn is a mildly amusing sitcom about middle-class family life (Outnumbered) and they need to give three lifetime achievement awards to remind us of funnier days, you know comedy is going through a thin time.
They remind us of the temporary structures our ancestors lived at this time of year in the desert, as the nights started to get cold and they needed shelter.
While it may be difficult to be Catholic sometimes, newcomers to our religion remind us of all that is good in our faith, as we see in Leslie Scanlon's cover story, "Trading spaces: The moving experience of converts" (pages 12-17).
As Alan Wolfe points out, our greatest presidents have always found the courage to remind us of responsibilities we might otherwise pass by, and tapped the latent greatness that is imprinted in the American character.
I appreciate the visionaries of our church who encourage us to expand our thinking, and the traditionalists who remind us of the power of unshakeable faith.
Joseph Logsdon and Lawrence Powell remind us of New Orleans activist Rodolphe Lucien Desdunes' role in the challenges to segregation that inevitably led to the Plessy v.
Orenstein, Sellink, and their collaborators remind us of the aesthetic and thematic richness of Bruegel's drawings and prints.
The adversity of the past year should serve to remind us of the true measures of our wealth: our values, our families, our spiritual development, our integrity, and our capacity to love and care for others.