remind (one) of (someone or something)

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remind (one) of (someone or something)

To inspire a recollection, resemblance, or association in one's mind about someone or something. You really remind me of your father at that age—headstrong and mischievous, just like you! This town reminds me a lot of the place where I grew up. That reminds me of a funny story I heard last week.
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remind someone of someone or something

to bring a memory of someone or something into someone's mind. You remind me of my brother. The happy song reminded us of our cabin on the lake.
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remind of

1. To cause someone to remember something; bring to someone's mind some thought or memory: Your story reminds me of the time I went to Texas.
2. To appear to someone to resemble something or someone else: That woman reminds me of my mother.
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For more call 09050 700 437 Gemini May 22 - June 20 WHEN is it appropriate to remind someone of their promises?
Triggers can be situations (including stress), people, smells, and even songs that remind someone of using drugs.
If you bring up old grievances or remind someone of errors they have made they will get defensive and argumentative.
Tie in calendar information and a smartphone could not only remind someone of an anniversary but find suitable nearby restaurants and make dinner reservations.
In keeping with the new you it's a day to remind someone of a promise, of the new rules or that they owe you their share of the bills.
Then again you could be the person needing to remind someone of their responsibilities.
Money matters have been a thorn in your flesh, so it may be time to remind someone of your worth.
Every time you see makeready material coming off the press, every time you see lights or a computer left on after hours, every time you have to remind someone of something, you see waste.
It is so important to remind someone of their own beauty, inwardly as well as on the exterior.
Nobody seems to be concentrating on the video, instead every violent, technicoloured incident seems to remind someone of a violent incident involving themselves or friends.
Without making to o much fuss,you may want to remind someone of their obligations regarding financial help or perhaps it's an emotional obligation they are failing at.
Turn around and remind someone of what's yours and they can back off.
This may be to uphold more traditional values, motivate some younger folk or remind someone of the rules.
Her mum Josephine said: "It is one more attempt and we have to keep hoping that it might remind someone of something that could help - but we fear the worst now."
To find out more call 09050 700 444 Calls cost 75p/min ROI: 1560 911 368 [euro]1.25/min TIME TO GET A GRIP Pisces Feb 20 to Mar 20 You may not want to remind someone of the promises they made, but still you know you have to and, as dicult as it is, all you're really after is to know where you stand.