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a night to remember

A night on which something memorable has happened. I was always told that prom would be a night to remember, but it was actually pretty lame—nothing like you see in the movies. Getting caught in a freak ice storm has certainly made this a night to remember.
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as far as I (can) recall/remember

To the extent that I am able to remember. Piper is off today, as far as I can recall. As far as I remember, we need this part of the project done by Wednesday.
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be remembered as (something)

To have one's particular role as something be the primary part of one's legacy. That choreographer will be remembered as a true innovator in the world of dance.
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be remembered for (something)

To have one's particular action, such as an accomplishment or misdeed, be the primary part of one's legacy. That choreographer will be remembered for all of her innovations in the world of dance.
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can't remember a fucking thing

rude slang Has difficulty remembering anything; forgets a lot of things. Geez, I can't remember a fucking thing these days! I'm so sorry I forgot your birthday!
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can't remember shit

rude slang Has difficulty remembering anything; forgets a lot of things. Geez, I can't remember shit these days! I'm so sorry I forgot your birthday!
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Does anybody remember laughter?

A phrase suggestive of a grim reality or situation. It was famously said by Led Zeppelin singer Robert Plant during a live performance of "Stairway to Heaven" in 1976. Yeah, she's been acting like a total weirdo lately, wearing all black and walking around saying eerie things like, "Does anybody remember laughter?" A: "So, as you can see, our sales forecasts for this quarter are… well, once again, they're not very good." B: "Wow. Does anybody remember laughter?"
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I can't remember the last time (something happened)

A phrase used literally or rhetorically to indicate that it has been an extremely long time since the last time something happened or occurred. Wow, I can't remember the last time you bought me flowers for my birthday! Thank you! This is just what we needed. I can't remember the last time you and I took a vacation on our own, without the kids.
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remember (one) to (someone)

To bring or deliver one's greetings to someone else. Have fun on your trip—please remember me to Aunt Lily and Uncle Michael!
See also: remember, to

remember (someone or something) as (something)

To have a memory of someone or something as being a particular way or a particular type of person or thing. I remember my childhood as a very happy experience, so I was shocked to find out that my brother remembers it differently. I remember him as a being real jerk, but everyone looks back on him very fondly. You'll remember your college years as the best time of your life, so make the most of them.
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remember (someone) in (one's) will

To include someone in one's final will and testament in order to bequeath something to them after one's death. My grandfather and I were very close, so I was so surprised when he didn't remember me in his will. You've done so much for me and my wife—we'll be sure to remember you in our wills.
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remember to write

A clichéd farewell urging someone to remain in contact while they are gone. Sometimes used humorously as a casual farewell. Have a wonderful time in Paris, Colin! Remember to write! A: "I'd better get going, thanks for having me!" B: "No problem. Remember to write!"
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remember, remember, the fifth of November

A phrase associated with Guy Fawkes Day, November 5. Guy Fawkes was a conspirator in the thwarted Gunpowder Plot, which would have killed King James I and blown up Parliament on November 5, 1605. Primarily heard in UK. A: "What exactly is Guy Fawkes Day anyway?" B: "Ah, remember, remember, the fifth of November."
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something to remember (one) by

A memento or keepsake to remind one of someone. I'll miss you too. Here, keep my hat—something to remember me by.
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Remember me to someone.

Please carry my good wishes to someone. (The someone can be a person's name or a pronoun.) Tom: My brother says hello. Bill: Oh, good. Please remember me to him. Tom: I will. Fred: Bye. John: Good-bye, Fred. Remember me to your Uncle Tom.
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remember someone as something

to recall someone as being a particular type of person. I remember Terri as a rather cheerful girl, always willing to help out. William will be remembered as a grouchy person.
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remember someone in one's will

to bequeath something to someone in one's will. My uncle always said he would remember me in his will. He failed to remember me in his will.
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remember someone to someone

to carry the greetings of someone to someone else. Please remember all of us to your uncle. I will remember you to my brother, who asks of you often.
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Remember to write,

 and Don't forget to write. 
1. Lit. a final parting comment made to remind someone going on a journey to write to those remaining at home. Alice: Bye. Mary: Good-bye, Alice. Remember to write. Alice: I will. Bye. Sally: Remember to write! Fred: I will!
2. Fig. a parting comment made to someone in place of a regular good-bye. (Jocular.) John: See you tomorrow. Bye. Jane: See you. Remember to write. John: Okay. See you after lunch. Jane: Yeah. Bye. Remember to write.
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something to reˈmember somebody by

(informal) a punishment, especially a physical one: If I ever catch you stealing my apples again, I’ll give you something to remember me by.

be reˈmembered as/for something

be famous or known for a particular thing that you have done in the past: He is best remembered as the man who brought jazz to Britain.A natural journalist, he will be remembered for his words rather than his actions.
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remember to

To deliver greetings from someone to someone else: Please remember me to your family.
See also: remember, to
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can’t remember a fucking thing

phr. & comp. abb. a phrase said when one’s memory fails. (Usually objectionable.) Gee, I’m getting old. CRAFT. What’s your name, again? I can’t remember a fucking thing!
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can’t remember shit

and CRS
phr. & comp. abb. can’t remember anything. (Usually objectionable.) Tom can’t remember shit. He has to write everything down. I was diagnosed with CRS. It comes with age!
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Things Remembered will now be able to offer consumers an even broader range of personalized merchandise thanks to its affiliation with Enesco, which is known for designing and licensing brands, including Department 56, Heartwood Creek by Jim Shore, Disney, and Harry Potter.
Sadly missed and always remembered.) - Vicky, Denise, Brian and families xxx.
They remembered her swinging in hammocks, riding wooden ponies, posing for family portraits, cranking Nickelback on the bus ride home from football games, stealing their sodas and returning them empty, sitting in the Easter Bunny's lap, gossiping during fifth period, gripping a basketball, dressing up for prom, perching atop the rocks at the Oregon Coast, sitting by a campfire.
SMITH Ken Loved and remembered every day by sister Sheila and John.
n Don and Mildred Bore, loving thoughts of a dear mother and stepfather, remembered by Ann Phillips.
First, the majority (75%) remembered a breakfast and party event, from either the same story or from different stories and 25% recalled the last party event heard.
But either way, he will be remembered as a moral authority who challenged and confronted the world around him.
n Edward Bartlett, most loved husband and dad, never forgotten, remembered by Pip, Rachel and Richard
Note that more can be remembered when letters are "chunked" into meaningful words, just as when numbers are grouped into sets.
If I'd laid down my life, I'd like to be remembered
Scott Berg rapturously muses early on in Kate Remembered. And as this memoir of his 20-year friendship with the acting icon gushes on, with Berg claiming that she "established the greatest acting career of the 20th century, perhaps ever," its mixture of cautious disclosure and obsequious deference will strike a familiar chord with any gay man who has ever been besotted by a movie goddess.
All six brain-damaged patients remembered facts and events from more than a decade before their injuries occurred.
George - Elizabeth II's father and husband of Queen Elizabeth, The Queen Mother, will be mainly remembered as the wartime monarch, the man who shared those dark days with his subjects.
Yet here he is, by all accounts a dying and desperate man, a failure in many ways, suffering the most humiliating form of execution his culture could assign--and he wants to be remembered, kindly we can imagine, by Jesus.
And more important, memory is one thing and action another; it is not simply the victims who need to be remembered, but also their executioners, and all those who chose to remain spectators.