remember as

remember someone as something

to recall someone as being a particular type of person. I remember Terri as a rather cheerful girl, always willing to help out. William will be remembered as a grouchy person.
See also: remember
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And Johnny can remember as clear as day the Vietnam vets being invited to march in the Desert Storm parade because it had never sat right with him that the `Nam guys never had a welcome home parade of their own although they sure as hell deserved it.
Sometimes he can't remember what he had for lunch yesterday, Johnny says, laughing, but he can remember a young GI's face from Korea 50 years ago.
Jonathan Sacks, the Chief Rabbi of Britain, celebrated We Remember as "a step forward.
Lord Janner, of Britain's Holocaust Educational Trust, confessed that he was "deeply disappointed" and denounced We Remember as an "unworthy document.
Virtually no Jewish commentator, even those who responded favorably to We Remember as a whole, applauded the document for its representation of Pius, and very, very few spoke favorably of his activities on behalf of menaced Jews during the war.
And today, she'll remember as she lays a wreath on a veteran's grave during a Memorial Day ceremony at Valley Oaks Memorial Park in Westlake Village.