remember as

remember (someone or something) as (something)

To have a memory of someone or something as being a particular way or a particular type of person or thing. I remember my childhood as a very happy experience, so I was shocked to find out that my brother remembers it differently. I remember him as a being real jerk, but everyone looks back on him very fondly. You'll remember your college years as the best time of your life, so make the most of them.
See also: remember

remember someone as something

to recall someone as being a particular type of person. I remember Terri as a rather cheerful girl, always willing to help out. William will be remembered as a grouchy person.
See also: remember
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Jonathan Sacks, the Chief Rabbi of Britain, celebrated We Remember as "a step forward.
Lord Janner, of Britain's Holocaust Educational Trust, confessed that he was "deeply disappointed" and denounced We Remember as an "unworthy document.
Virtually no Jewish commentator, even those who responded favorably to We Remember as a whole, applauded the document for its representation of Pius, and very, very few spoke favorably of his activities on behalf of menaced Jews during the war.