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desperate diseases must have desperate remedies

Extreme and undesirable circumstances or situations can only be resolved by resorting to equally extreme actions. I know that the austerity measures introduced by the government during the recession are unpopular, but desperate diseases must have desperate remedies.

Desperate diseases must have desperate remedies.

Prov. If you have a seemingly insurmountable problem, you must do things you ordinarily would not do in order to solve it. Fred: All my employees have been surly and morose for months. How can I improve their morale? Alan: Why not give everyone a raise? Fred: That's a pretty extreme suggestion. Alan: Yes, but desperate diseases must have desperate remedies.

There is a remedy for everything except death.

Prov. Everything but death can be cured.; As long as you are alive, your problems can somehow be solved. Bill: I'll never recover from losing Nancy. Fred: Nonsense. There is a remedy for everything except death. Whenever Linda despaired, she sternly reminded herself that there is a remedy for everything except death.
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If you find a remedy that causes a great deal of fatigue, and that's what is bothering you the most, then you are on the right track.
This in turn may serve an essential piece of information that leads to the selection of the appropriate homeopathic remedy.
Even assuming that the assessment protest procedure would accommodate the errors of county officials charged with administering Minnesota's property tax statutes, can such a patchwork satisfy the requirement that the taxpayer's remedy be "clear and certain" as required by Reich v.
Because Georgia law provided an adequate pre-deprivation remedy in addition to its refund statute, the state sought to deny the taxpayer's refund claim.
The amended statute retains these remedies and adds limited compensatory (and for defendants who are private employers, punitive) damages to remedy the effects of the emotional distress associated with employment discrimination.
Collaborating on ROI measurement, HealthiNation and Remedy will also offer clients the best-in-class research methodologies to measure success.
we don't have one remedy for asthma, one for arthritis, one for headache, etc.
During Saturday's meeting, state toxics officials described one possible remedy to clean up the school site.
The courts may require a principal purpose for the creation and funding of a partnership, other than for the protection of assets, and, in the absence thereof, may not limit a creditor's remedy to a charging order.
Calworth Glenford LLC announced that for the first time, it is giving a comprehensive coaching class for the acclaimed Oxygen Remedy through online education.
As with gravity, we can predict the medicinal action of a homeopathic remedy ahead of time.
For example, an herbal remedy may claim to boost the immune system or settle a queasy stomach but may not boast of curing or preventing illness unless the proper medical trials have been performed, said FDA spokesman Arthur Whitmore.
the court held that a refund was not required to remedy an unconstitutionally collected tax.
Moreover, Amizon was promoted not only as a remedy but also a prevention medicine against the flu.
When Louis Saso feels a cold coming on, the Saratoga gardener whips up a batch of his favorite herbal remedy - purple coneflower root (Echinacea) steeped in vodka.