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desperate diseases must have desperate remedies

proverb Extreme and undesirable circumstances or situations can only be resolved by resorting to equally extreme actions. I know that the austerity measures introduced by the government during the recession are unpopular, but desperate diseases must have desperate remedies.

there is a remedy for everything except death

The only thing in life that cannot be solved, healed, or improved is death. I know that things feel hopeless at the moment, but there is a remedy for everything except death. A: "I'm sorry, boss, but there's no way of fixing this issue." B: "Come on, now. There's a remedy for everything except death. We've just got to think!"
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Desperate diseases must have desperate remedies.

Prov. If you have a seemingly insurmountable problem, you must do things you ordinarily would not do in order to solve it. Fred: All my employees have been surly and morose for months. How can I improve their morale? Alan: Why not give everyone a raise? Fred: That's a pretty extreme suggestion. Alan: Yes, but desperate diseases must have desperate remedies.

There is a remedy for everything except death.

Prov. Everything but death can be cured.; As long as you are alive, your problems can somehow be solved. Bill: I'll never recover from losing Nancy. Fred: Nonsense. There is a remedy for everything except death. Whenever Linda despaired, she sternly reminded herself that there is a remedy for everything except death.
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