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cutting remark

A remark or comment intended to injure the feelings of others. Savita was ecstatic over her acceptance to law school, but John's cutting remark about her ability to succeed really undermined her confidence.
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address comments or remarks to someone

to say something directly to a specific person or group of persons. (See also address oneself to someone; address oneself to something.) George addressed his remarks to everyone.
See also: address, comment, remark

I didn't (quite) catch that (last) remark. and I didn't get that.; I didn't hear you.

I didn't hear what you said, so would you please repeat it. John: What did you say? I didn't quite catch that last remark. Jane: I said it's really a hot day. Bill: Have a nice time, if you can. Sally: I didn't get that. Bill: Have a nice time! Enjoy!
See also: and, catch, get, hear, that

remark (up)on someone or something

to comment on someone or something. (Upon is formal and less commonly used than on.) She remarked upon his tardiness and then continued the lesson. There is no need to remark on me or anything I do or don't do.
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snide remark

n. a caustic, haughty, or insulting remark. You’re really quick with the snide remark. Ever say anything nice to anybody?
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Say a sitting judge has never before faced such a complaint for passing remarks against an institution
The PPP and the treasury MNAs urged the PTI MNA Imran Khan to take back his disparaging remarks against the parliament.
PTI lawmaker Zar Gul while endorsing the remarks of his party's leader Imran Khan said the language should be used for the Parliament as the parliamentarians were thinking to bring amendments in Khatm-e-Nabuat law.
A Rohtak court on Wednesday issued a non-bailable warrant against Ramdev in a case over his remarks made last year against those refusing to raise the slogan of 'Bharat mata ki jai'.
stray remarks was in the context of a broader discussion of direct
In a statement issued on Thursday, the ministry said: "We were surprised by the Turkish president's remarks on Egypt and his exploitation of the UN as a platform to launch an unacceptable attack on the Egyptian legitimacy.
He told Radio Ulster's Evening Extra programme: "Look at the insult people have received on the end of the remark that was made.
Adverse remarks are usually sent in a sealed envelope.
In his complaint, Prathapan alleged that there was a "political bias" in the remarks made against the chief minister by the judge.
In total, he issued 38 critical remarks to the EU institutions in 2010.
The Rev Peter Mullen said his remarks were "injudicious" and had caused offence.
Although well delivered, his remarks had the feel of boilerplate ripped from far-right blogs: He ridiculed the French, bashed the United Nations, labeled Presidents John F.
Beginning Monday, October 10, 2005, the SAM-F course commenced with an opening ceremony and welcoming remarks by Mr.
SIR - I was surprised at the remarks attributed to Robyn Lewis as quoted in the Western Mail (August 4).
The Anglican Church of Canada must "re-establish a rapport with those who direct the affairs of the nation," according to Archbishop Andrew Hutchison in remarks delivered during the first meeting of the newly-elected members of the Council of General Synod (COGS), where he presided for the first time since his election as primate in May 2004.