remain in

remain in (something)

1. to stay within something. Please remain in the house today. It is too cold to go out. You should remain in because the weather is bad.
2. to stay in an organization as a member. He remained in the Boy Scouts until he was sixteen. I will remain in the teacher's union for many years.
See also: remain
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Ahmed had to remain in that room for six-and-a-half hours.
Since William's arrest, none of the family have been allowed to work due to their immigration status and visa violations, and as a consequence, they could not afford to remain in the house they had rented since first arriving in Kentucky in 1995.
Unfortunately, they are implementing SEVIS on such an aggressive schedule that many questions remain unanswered and numerous technical details remain in flux," Ward testified.
What 245-I did was allow people to remain in the country while their application was processed instead of having to return to their home country and be interviewed at an embassy,'' Korenberg said.
Further, Fitch's ratings anticipate earnings-based interest coverage will remain in the high single-digit range; as of Sept.
In a given year, about 150,000 people pass through the detention system, according to INS estimates, and about 21,000 people remain in detention camp limbo.
Federal officials and Mayor Rudolph Giuliani said Monday that they had agreed the Mexicans will remain in New York City as the authorities investigate the criminal case.
I think you open yourself up to criminal liability when you fail to deport people arrested on multiple occasions for criminal activity and they are allowed to remain in the community.
As the strong sales performance during January and February indicates, our business remains very healthy and the same fundamentals of our multi-layered growth strategy that have produced consistent growth in the past remain in place.
Korean-born Jasmin Salehi, the widow of an American citizen who was killed during a robbery at a Reseda restaurant, is gathering support from new friends as she struggles with immigration officials to remain in this country.
Martin, for the INS, said the board should give the case back to the judge for review because ``inconsistencies'' remain in Kasinga's story, including how she obtained a false British passport and whether she really had married the older man.