remain away

remain away (from someone or something)

to stay away from someone or something. I must ask you to remain away from my daughter. I cannot remain away any longer. I must be with her.
See also: away, remain
References in classic literature ?
They would doubtless remain away till the dinner hour.
And then finally, when election day came, the packing houses posted a notice that men who desired to vote might remain away until nine that morning, and the same night watchman took Jurgis and the rest of his flock into the back room of a saloon, and showed each of them where and how to mark a ballot, and then gave each two dollars, and took them to the polling place, where there was a policeman on duty especially to see that they got through all right.
It was youth daring Fate, without show or bravado or fear; rolling the honey under his tongue and drawing in its sweetness; youth, that lives for the moment, that can be blind to the threatening future, that can forget the mean past; youth slipping along with some chewing-gum between his teeth and a warm sensation in his stew-crammed stomach, whistling, dreaming, happy; youth, that can, without premeditation, remain away from home and leave udders untapped and pigs unfed; sublime enigma; angering bit of irresponsibility to the Martins of a fiercely practical world.
She could not bear to remain away from it any longer - it was like deserting him - and she hurried swiftly back, accompanied by half-a-dozen labourers, including the drunken man whom the news had sobered, and who was the best man of all.
So you may know he is safe and will be here shortly; he is close at hand and cannot remain away from home much longer; nevertheless I will confirm my words with an oath, and call Jove who is the first and mightiest of all gods to witness, as also that hearth of Ulysses to which I have now come, that all I have spoken shall surely come to pass.
I could leave her, go away from her, remain away from her, without an added pang or any augmented consciousness of that torturing sentiment of distance so acute that often it ends by wearing itself out in a few days.
Casaubon was certain to remain away for some time at the Vatican.
I am sure you will understand my position, and will feel that to remain away one instant longer than is necessary would not only be ungrateful on my part, but perhaps even a crime, for how do I know if my absence may not break his heart?
But if your husband is alive and able to write letters, why should he remain away from you?
The Coalition Command also underscores the importance of humanitarian commissions and organizations making beforehand coordination with it before taking a position inside Yemeni cities and advises them to remain away from the places where the Houthi militias are present, so as to evade any side harms, God forbid, wishing our noble endeavor success.
This situation makes it mandatory for us to join hands to achieve the common interests, remain away from anything that may cause sedition and to ensure that our dialogue is constructive.
It was a very difficult phase for Athar to remain away from Pakistan during his exile in United States, he said, adding Athar returned to Pakistan as he often said that it was not possible to live without his native country.
Efforts are being made silently because such negotiations involve so many complications that should remain away from media outlets," the source said.
The actress also said that she tries to remain away from Twitter and Instagram as she does not want to use social media as a tool to defend her.
Manama, Oct5(BNA)The Ministry of Foreign Affairs Calls on Bahraini citizens present in Hong Kong to remain away from places of marches and demonstrations taking place in Hong Kong.