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Although I am pleased with the evolution of my online classes over the past several semesters, I still encounter a few students every semester who rely heavily on me and express frustration when I am unable to answer their questions immediately.
Although all health plan medical directors surveyed strive to use quality evidence to guide decision making, there was little consistency with respect to the sources they rely on, what constitutes "quality" evidence, how current the evidence is and what internal processes are used to be sure the evidence is up to date.
As a result, Internal Network Defense technology should never rely on one detection methodology to determine if the traffic in question constitutes an attack.
Thank-you to everyone we need, rely on, depend upon and turn to on a yearly basis to help us to continue to showcase, honour and applaud these incredible contributors to our region.
To be successful, executives must rely heavily on their ability to establish, cultivate, and manage meaningful human relationships.
Unfortunately, both of these statements allow auditors to continue ignoring internal controls by choosing not to rely on them.
"With this new offering in our line of mobile processors, AMD continues to deliver products that businesses and end users can rely on for performance, power efficiency, stability and compatibility.
Some of his material is universal--his trials with his family or his religion--while other aspects of his show rely on an exclusively gay spin.
Industries and groups that rely on the improved spectral irradiance scale are aerospace, lighting, equipment manufacturers, other national measurement institutes, universities, and the precision measurement equipment laboratories (PMELs) for the Air Force, Navy, and Army.
They may be sued for fraud or gross negligence if the third party could be expected to rely on fraudulent financial statements.
Philip's wife, Queen Margaret of Austria, successfully negotiated aid for her brothers the Archdukes Ferdinand and Leopold of Styria, used her religious patronage to strengthen her political influence, and pressured Philip to rely less on Lerma.
Should we rely on accounting returns - ROA, ROI, ROE, ROS, and profit margin?
Not the least of these is whether to rely on a vendor of rehabilitative services or to hire in-house physical, occupational or speech therapists to attend to the therapy needs of residents.
Other corporate interests rely on nuclear weapons indirectly, for nuclear weapons are the badge and holster of the U.S.