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reluctant to (do something)

Unwilling, hesitant, or disinclined to do something. I was reluctant to sign over the creative rights to my music, but they were offering me a pretty heft sum in return. Sarah is a little reluctant to try something new. My dad has always been reluctant to admit when something is his fault.
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reluctant to do something

unwilling to do something; not wanting to do something. David was reluctant to admit his mistakes. Although reluctant to appear in court, the witness was ordered to by subpoena.
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The CCG has reluctantly agreed to mutually terminate the contractMatt Brown
Reluctantly I couldn't finish the main race but the best things I met many First Nation locals.
"Whilst the club is disappointed with Tom's stance, given that it has played an instrumental part in his development, which has culminated in him achieving full Welsh honours during his time here, the club have reluctantly accepted his request but have reiterated to Tom and his representatives that no player will leave Walsall FC unless the club's valuation is met.
A club statement read: "Hibernian FC today confirmed that the club has reluctantly given Rotherham United FC permission to speak with head coach Alan Stubbs.
Critique: Impressively well written, exceptionally well organized and presented, including detailed action steps to overcome conflict and build a long-lasting healthy rapport with an in-law, "Reluctantly Related Revisited" is a must-read for every woman who is a daughter-in-lay and for every woman who is a mother-in-law.
Jenkins told the club website: "The decision has been made very reluctantly and with a heavy heart.
The project team at NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) in Pasadena, Calif., has reluctantly pronounced the mission at an end after being unable to communicate with the spacecraft for over a month.
But he has "reluctantly" decided to withdraw from the show, which sees Dame Helen Mirren reprising her role as the Queen.
Neal wrote that the sanction was "reluctantly" removed, in recognition of the MIAA's core mission of promoting "educational athletic opportunities within our member schools ...."
England manager Roy Hodgson has reluctantly accepted John Terry's retirement from internationals but said he was disappointed in the defender's decision.
Summary: OT reluctantly agreed to talks on the nationalisation of Djezzy after Algeria hit the unit with back-taxes.
Ospreys managing director Mike Cuddy said Henson's request to be released from his contract had been "reluctantly agreed."
A private detective is reluctantly drawn into the case when the child's aunt hires him to find her and as he investigates around the area he grew up in, he discovers a web of secrets and deceit surrounding the disappearance.
But even after she reluctantly obeyed the demands she was fired.
The Catholic Church, however, reluctantly accepts war as a remedy of last resort for an aggrieved state, much as an aggrieved individual might employ self-defense.