reluctant to do

reluctant to (do something)

Unwilling, hesitant, or disinclined to do something. I was reluctant to sign over the creative rights to my music, but they were offering me a pretty heft sum in return. Sarah is a little reluctant to try something new. My dad has always been reluctant to admit when something is his fault.
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reluctant to do something

unwilling to do something; not wanting to do something. David was reluctant to admit his mistakes. Although reluctant to appear in court, the witness was ordered to by subpoena.
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It is indeed easier to move accounts than ever before, yet, still, we are strangely reluctant to do so.
As the property is currently assessed at $15.5 million, the new assessment should fairly come in around $3.2 million if the city follows its 45 percent of value rule, which it has been reluctant to do when an arm's length transaction is not in its favor.
Whenever the president feels reluctant to do moral battle, he ought to draw on both gospels--political and evangelical.