reluctant to do

reluctant to do something

unwilling to do something; not wanting to do something. David was reluctant to admit his mistakes. Although reluctant to appear in court, the witness was ordered to by subpoena.
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It is indeed easier to move accounts than ever before, yet, still, we are strangely reluctant to do so.
2 million if the city follows its 45 percent of value rule, which it has been reluctant to do when an arm's length transaction is not in its favor.
Whenever the president feels reluctant to do moral battle, he ought to draw on both gospels--political and evangelical.
After Yale contacted me to help them raise money, I felt I had to tell them why I was reluctant to do so.
With the new express booking process, DeCesari said, ``we're targeting agencies who were reluctant to do this before, most of which were in the east end of the county.
If you don't have sufficient resources, and if your own private sector is reluctant to do anything, then you'll end up using government money - and government money alone can't build houses,'' said Dan Mofokeng, housing minister for Gauteng, the province that includes the industrial hub of Johannesburg.