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relocate (someone or something) in (something or some place)

To establish a new location some place or inside of something for someone or something. They said they were liquidating our European office, but that they might be able to relocate us in their various offices in North America. I relocated my company in Switzerland for tax reasons. The insurance company offered to relocate me and my family in a hotel while the house was being repaired.
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relocate someone or something in something

to reposition or move someone or something in or at something. I will have to relocate you in a different office. Can I relocate the copy machine in the other room?
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As an affiliation of Cartus, the premier provider of relocation services, Relocation Agent Network members help Cartus assist relocating families, offering Ryder & Dutton customers an additional channel of buyer when selling their property.
However, companies are finding ways to overcome these obstacles, and as a result global relocation remains on the increase.
Ichikawa visited Okinawa ahead of Gemba in efforts to break the stalemate over the relocation plan and told local leaders that the central government is preparing to submit the environmental assessment report on the base relocation.
Relocation assistance varies by state, client and situation.
As to moving the relocation hearing up from June 22 to June 9, Baum pointed to the obvious.
"Married people are more likely to talk about the emotionally overwhelming effect of relocation and the subconscious adaptive coping mechanisms.
A study conducted by Reckon LLP for the European Economic and Social Committee (EESC) has put paid to some of the commonly accepted ideas on the subject of relocations. The study reveals that only a few sectors are affected and that the new member states do not really benefit from these relocations.
The employee's sale of the home to the employer at the higher amended price is contingent on the employer, acting through the relocation company, entering into a contract with the actual prospective buyer located by the employee.
The drive to relocate 20,000 or more civil service and other government jobs out to the UK regions is led by the Independent Review of Public Sector Relocation, otherwise known as the Sir Michael Lyons Report.
The company focuses on customer service excellence, close attention to the specific needs of clients, and technology that provides what it calls "a new level in Japan relocation support services." ReloJapan works with partner relocation companies throughout the world as well as directly with companies in Japan and abroad.
A major concern in plant relocation is the continuous and smooth operation with as little time and money loss as possible.
Bis and Cougar both provide mining equipment hire services to the underground coal mining industry in New South Wales and Queensland, including the hire of longwall relocation equipment and run-of-mine equipment.
Chicago, IL, May 23, 2019 --( UrbanBound, the leading provider of tech-driven relocation management services, has unveiled an innovative new relocation policy, Freeway, which gives employees the freedom to relocate their way - while offering employers a predictable, cost-effective relocation program.