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relocate (someone or something) in (something or some place)

To establish a new location some place or inside of something for someone or something. They said they were liquidating our European office, but that they might be able to relocate us in their various offices in North America. I relocated my company in Switzerland for tax reasons. The insurance company offered to relocate me and my family in a hotel while the house was being repaired.
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relocate someone or something in something

to reposition or move someone or something in or at something. I will have to relocate you in a different office. Can I relocate the copy machine in the other room?
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Berryman said relocated Cabrini residents should be able to vote in council elections because returning residents must be screened and approved by a committee that includes LAC members.
The court found two facts significant: only 1,000 feet of the 25-mile pipeline was relocated; and the relocation was necessary to avoid disruption of Badger's entire pipeline system.
All relocated residents are guaranteed the right to return to rent-geared to income housing in Regent Park.
The corresponding earned value management provision and clause are relocated from DFARS 252.234-7000 and 252.234-7001, to 252.242-7001 and 252.242-7002, respectively, with no substantive change, other than update of references to DoDI 5000.2.
Amper, Politziner & Mattia, one of the region's largest independent certified public accounting firms and consultants, has relocated its Flemington, N.J., office to 750 Route 202 in Bridgewater, N.J.
The relocated text contains procedures for contracting officer use in obtaining tax relief and duty-free import privileges for acquisitions conducted in Spain and the United Kingdom.
Option 2: If the owner relocates the tenant to a suitable housing accommodation at a rent in excess of that for the subject housing accommodation, the owner must pay the tenant a stipend equal to the difference between the rent in the relocated accommodation and their prior rent, multiplied by 72 months (6 years), in addition to reasonable moving expenses.
Currently, overhead telephone lines are being removed and relocated. Excavation for the other site utilities will begin in early December and will be an ongoing task over the entire duration of the project.
and relocated its North American office from Jersey City.
Fourteen of the 79 companies have been newly attracted to Lower Manhattan, representing more than 10,500 relocated and created jobs.
An Ameriquest office temporarily located in Manhattan relocated to 3,538 s/f at the Hutchinson Metro Center in the Bronx.
renewed, JMW Consultants, Inc., MetLife, Noble Americas Corp., and Morrow & Company relocated in Stamford; Stolt-Nielsen, Media Horizons and Pepperidge Farms relocated in Norwalk; Wilton Re relocated in Wilton; Praxair, Inc.
We decided that the older trees that are here now should be preserved and relocated along the entrance boulevard and throughout the Encore Lake Grove community to create an established community environment."
relocated to EAB Plaza because of the building's prestigious identity, central location, superior infrastructure, and sizeable floor plates," said Mr.