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relocate someone or something in something

to reposition or move someone or something in or at something. I will have to relocate you in a different office. Can I relocate the copy machine in the other room?
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2) the original notice of intent to relocate and all notices of updated relocation information previously served; and
PC Tech leased 3,500 s/f and will relocate there from Jersey City, N.
Moet Hennessy USA will relocate to a distinctive building and a 24/7 vibrant neighborhood," said Mr.
Nearly 75 percent said employees who wish to advance into senior positions need to relocate with the company at some point during their careers.
The site selection follows Andrew's agreement, announced in August, to sell its long-time Orland Park property and relocate to two separate Chicago area facilities for its corporate headquarters and cable products manufacturing.
Verizon will relocate other portions of its offices located at 1095 Ave.
Under federal and state law, the city is obligated to relocate the families when it acquires their land, said Jess Duran, assistant director of community development and housing for the city.
Consolidates text on reporting of improper business practices to the appropriate authorities; updates a contract clause addressing prohibitions on persons convicted of fraud or other defense contract-related felonies; and relocates to PGI, procedures for referring matters to the agency debarring and suspending official.
Deletes obsolete text pertaining to Intermediate Range Nuclear Forces Treaty inspections; deletes unnecessary first article testing and approval requirements; and relocates procedures for requesting pre-award surveys and obtaining approval for product qualification requirements to PGI.
In making the decision to relocate the animals, authorities follow a system of monitoring increasingly aggressive encounters with the animals.
For verification and ranking, the nominated towns are compared against education, crime, employment and housing data for the past year by Relocate America's Editorial Team and the Top 100 is then selected.
Postal Service to relocate the city's main station to High Street to spur downtown revitalization has been unsuccessful, so the city is now fighting for it to be moved even a little bit closer to the city's historic core.
Neurosurgeons of New York will relocate from 222 Westchester Avenue in White Plains and will occupy 10,925 sf;
In an attempt to preserve the mature trees that would normally not be protected on developed private property, Simi Valley is considering offering an incentive for landowners to relocate trees rather than chop them down and replace them with saplings that take years to grow.
CVS, currently located on the ground floor of the Mall building, will relocate to the existing building on the corner of Front and Commercial Streets under a new seven year lease.