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relocate (someone or something) in (something or some place)

To establish a new location some place or inside of something for someone or something. They said they were liquidating our European office, but that they might be able to relocate us in their various offices in North America. I relocated my company in Switzerland for tax reasons. The insurance company offered to relocate me and my family in a hotel while the house was being repaired.
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relocate someone or something in something

to reposition or move someone or something in or at something. I will have to relocate you in a different office. Can I relocate the copy machine in the other room?
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The Democratic Party of Japan-led government is expected to compile its plan based on two ideas -- one to move the airfield in Ginowan to Camp Schwab without land reclamation and another to relocate the base to an area to be reclaimed between the U.S.
(c) Objection to Notice of Intent to Relocate. A person on whom a notice of intent to relocate is served may object to the proposed relocation, in writing, within 30 days of service of the notice of intent, by filing with the court and serving on the parent or other person seeking relocation, at the address indicated for service on the notice of intent, an objection to notice of intent to relocate in substantial conformity with Florida Family Law Rules of Procedure Form 12.950(c).
* An effort to identify and engage all stakeholders in the decision to relocate. "It's important for employers to identify all of the parties who are participating in the decision to relocate," said Salveson.
Western diplomatic sources told pan-Arab daily Al-Hayat on Monday that the United Nations was "contemplating" whether or not to relocate the ESCWA offices of the Economic and Social Commission for Western Asia (ESCWA) from Beirut to another Arab capital.
In a move to accommodate further expansion, international structural engineering and design firm Thornton Tomasetti signed a deal to relocate its Connecticut office from Trumbull to downtown New Haven.
Phoenix urges Southwest to relocate. Phoenix officials want Southwest to relocate its corporate headquarters to their city.
To induce employees to relocate and facilitate their transition, employers offer various bundles of benefits; home purchase programs are often among the services provided.
I am so grateful to the schools that opened their hearts and doors to our students so they could temporarily relocate and continue their education.
"The face of downtown Quito has changed significantly because one of our main projects was to relocate the street vendors" says Edmundo Arregui, director of the ECH.
19041, 4/12/2005) Sixth, DOD proposes to relocate DFARS 223.370-4 and 233.405, containing internal DOD procedures relating to safety precautions for ammunitions and explosives and use of recovered materials, to the new DFARS companion resource.
GOVERNMENT departments are dragging their feet over plans to relocate thousands of Civil Service jobs out of London, with some 'virtually ignoring' the proposals, it is claimed.
corporations to relocate offshore; and--as noted elsewhere in this issue (see the article on page 21)--the outright transfer of U.S.
Structure-flex, employing 90 people at three sites across North Norfolk, has sold its head office and factory site in Grove Lane Holt in order to relocate to Melton Constable.
On May 21 the Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Energy (MOCIE) announced its plan to promote balanced national development by encouraging companies considering transferring operations overseas to relocate to other domestic regions and attracting high-tech, high value-added businesses to the Seoul metropolitan area.
The leading architectural chatter of the day, however, concerns the plan to relocate the National Archives, which are currently located alongside the Christiansborg, the parliament building.