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relinquish something over someone

to release the hold on or control of someone. She refused to relinquish control over the operations of the front office. Mary was ordered to relinquish her hold over the children for a month each year.
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relinquish something to someone or something

to surrender something to someone or something. Todd refused to relinquish his authority to anyone. I finally relinquished the car to the bank.
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For instance, a high level of competition between prospective investors, an attractive geological potential such as in a proven basin, or a lenient relinquishment rule allow the government to offer smaller blocks.
If you previously reserved a plate with GNF and you have not received a receipt for $25 or a relinquishment form from the Motor Vehicle Division, please contact GNA headquarters at 404325-5536 or email gna@georgianurses.
This action has been taken as a result of the recent NSW Government budget which proposes both to levy a $60 per unit annual fee on exploration licenses and to increase the security deposit liability on tenements; the relinquishment will save Thomson around $120,000 in these charges in the next year.
According to a notification of the Ministry of Science and Technology, Dr Iftikhar Ahmad will look after the work of PARC Chairman temporarily in addition to his own work from the date of relinquishment of the charge by outgoing PARC Chairman Dr Muhammad Afzal.
Naval Supply Systems Command (NAVSUP) Global Logistics Support held a Relinquishment of Command ceremony at its headquarters at the Broadway Complex in San Diego July 15.
I personally at this stage of life, seeing with my own eyes the dismantling of Sudan will contemplate two decisions: join the stream of those who want to overthrow Bashir's rule or the final relinquishment of political role and let the [Umma Party] General Assembly elect the party's new leadership" he was quoted as saying.
The relinquishment means that Lukoil will not move ahead with a second-phase exploration term in most of its 29,900-sq-km tract, but will instead launch a five-well appraisal programme on the remaining two discoveries.
Relinquishment of international terms of reference.
He signed a voluntary relinquishment of his license in March 2009, agreeing never to apply again for the license in Florida, and the state attorney's office in Polk County agreed to drop the extortion charge.
The court also ruled for Hagemeyer and ZBH on the alternate ground that the transfer was also subject to the exemption for a noncontractual transfer, as the transfer met the three elements of a gift--donative intent, actual delivery and immediate relinquishment of control.
The selling off of such a fundamental cornerstone of British manufacturing in this sector is neither necessary nor in the interest of the UK, as it risks relinquishment of control over the UK economy and consequently the nation's prosperity," said the motion.
The mechanism for relinquishment of ministry under our canons, to which Mr.
If it's a resignation designed to defeat the (opposition) Democratic Party of Japan in the (next) elections, then it's a relinquishment of responsibility,'' said a 45-year-old male company employee in Asahikawa, Hokkaido.
The district court granted the university summary judgment for plan payments to tenured employees, holding that those payments were "made in exchange for the relinquishment of contractual and constitutionally-protected tenure rights rather than as remuneration for services to the University" and were not subject to FICA.
We got word that Posh, a trendy furniture and design spot currently located at 5507 Ranch Drive in west Little Rock, is having a moving relinquishment sale upfront of its move to the Pleasant Ridge Shopping Center, a little further east off Highway 10.