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relinquish something over someone

to release the hold on or control of someone. She refused to relinquish control over the operations of the front office. Mary was ordered to relinquish her hold over the children for a month each year.
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relinquish something to someone or something

to surrender something to someone or something. Todd refused to relinquish his authority to anyone. I finally relinquished the car to the bank.
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Given the prospectivity of the area and its proximity to existing operations, BMSC will be permitted to hold the land for 10 years before any partial relinquishments.
For instance, a high level of competition between prospective investors, an attractive geological potential such as in a proven basin, or a lenient relinquishment rule allow the government to offer smaller blocks.
J Walgama after relinquishment of his office at the Sapugaskanda Defence Services Command and Staff College has been appointed as the Commander, Security Force Headquarters - East.
I believe the protesters were killed by accident and that [Mubarak] did not order it," he said, adding that Mubarak's voluntary relinquishment of power is something that should be praised.
If you do not bring the receipt/ relinquishment form to the tag office, you will be asked to pay the $25.
However, a period of licence relinquishment was ended last year and it bore the first fruits with the victory of 33-1 shot Dante Anna in the 3m maiden hurdle.
Cargolux announced in a press release that Qatar's relinquishment of 35-percent stake won't affect management decisions.
The IBF Intes rnational lightweight champion, who turned 29, looks set to face Ben Murphy in the New Year following the relinquishment of the belt by Gavin Rees.
Shortly after the boys were born the couple received a document purporting to be the mother's relinquishment of responsibility for the children.
This relinquishment will not substantively impact on the company's exploration program.
Naval Supply Systems Command (NAVSUP) Global Logistics Support held a Relinquishment of Command ceremony at its headquarters at the Broadway Complex in San Diego July 15.
However, output in Colombia fell to 1,865 bopd from 2,014 bopd as a result of the temporary shut-down of the Altair-1 well and relinquishment of the Totare field on 31 December, the company said.
Analysts said the relinquishment of the Sam's kiosks will dampen RadioShack's earnings by more than was expected.
I personally at this stage of life, seeing with my own eyes the dismantling of Sudan will contemplate two decisions: join the stream of those who want to overthrow Bashir's rule or the final relinquishment of political role and let the [Umma Party] General Assembly elect the party's new leadership" he was quoted as saying.
The relinquishment means that Lukoil will not move ahead with a second-phase exploration term in most of its 29,900-sq-km tract, but will instead launch a five-well appraisal programme on the remaining two discoveries.