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relinquish something over someone

to release the hold on or control of someone. She refused to relinquish control over the operations of the front office. Mary was ordered to relinquish her hold over the children for a month each year.
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relinquish something to someone or something

to surrender something to someone or something. Todd refused to relinquish his authority to anyone. I finally relinquished the car to the bank.
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S Boniface Perera after relinquishing his duties as the Commander, Security Force Headquarters - Wanni has been appointed as the Director General General Staff at the Office of the Chief of Defence Staff.
AoWe are in the process of relinquishing the licenses and once we get permission from the NOC, Libya will no longer be part of our portfolio," a company spokesman said.
If it turns out that Prime Minister Ehud Olmert is discussing relinquishing the Golan Heights, Eldad said, then he should be charged with treason.
To explore these gaps, I'll ponder a spiritual way of reading and responding that involves some extremely challenging--even radical--attitudes: the absolute relinquishing of control, the unconditional welcoming of the Other, the obliteration of the self, and the concomitant willingness to suffer.
These evil assumptions are prominently featured in Relinquishing Custody: The Tragic Result of Failure to Meet Children's Mental Health Needs, published by the New York-based Bazelon Center for Mental Health Law in 2000.
The duties of the qualified intermediary are to act as a principal for the exchanger in relinquishing property, to hold exchange proceeds, and to disburse these proceeds to the seller of the replacement property.
Richard ``Dick'' Reynolds, will be relinquishing his position June 19.
Relinquishing the post is seen by political analysts as the first major step in a plan to quit politics.
I also extend the empirical analysis to (1) examine the potential endogeneity of abortion access by using a two-stage least squares (2SLS) procedure and (2) model the multinomial choice of pregnancy resolution: aborting the pregnancy, relinquishing the infant, or keeping the infant.
And he has no intention of relinquishing his power base.
The question of the effects of relinquishing a child for adoption intrigued me, and I thought surely there would be a vast literature on the subject.
He added, "Because this will result in a substantial savings to the receivership, and since we do not have any prospect of recovering more than the secured debt, I believe that it is in the best interests of the receivership estate, and of all WexTrust stakeholders, to cooperate with Amalgamated Bank in relinquishing the property.
The American Jobs Creation Act of 2004 (the "Jobs Act") established special rules for individuals emigrating from the United States, including all traditional expatriates--people giving up citizenship--and even certain aliens relinquishing permanent residency.
As early as the 1960s, legislators searched for ways to discourage individuals from relinquishing citizenship as a way to avert U.
Some, like Mindy Sterling, hang around to teach and stay active with the Groundlings even after relinquishing their active membership in the troupe.