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Are you religious?

Do you believe in God or a deity? Do you adhere to the tenets of a particular religion? A: "Are you religious?" B: "Well, I'm not an atheist, but I don't go to church regularly or anything."

religious about (something)

Strictly adherent to doing or completing something in the proper way or on time. Tom's religious about sorting the recycling into the correct bins. I know she's religious about her skincare routine, so I've stopped trying to rush her in the morning. It got a bit annoying with how religious he was about keeping the carpets clean.
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religious about doing something

Fig. strict about something; conscientious about something. Bob is religious about paying his bills on time. Max tries to be religious about being polite to everyone.
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For decades, religiously affiliated hospitals have been allowed to take the ERISA exemption afforded to churches and other houses of worship.
She plays the who has been b her religiously z (Julianne Moore One afternoon at school, a frightened Carrie gets her first period and classmates including Sue (Gabriella Wilde) and Chris (Portia Doubleday) turn on her.
According to the Home Office, racially and religiously aggravated harassment crimes relate to behavior likely to cause "alarm, distress or disorder."
* Their gifts to not-religiously identified charities were about two times larger than their gifts to religiously identified ones
of Toronto, Canada) explores the relationship between economic neoliberalism and religious conservatism in the contemporary United States, arguing that the American right has been bonded together in large measure over the past 35 years by a disparate group of actors who have come together over wanting to replace state-based welfare programs with religiously delivered welfare, including most prominently those motivated by a hatred of government intervention in the economy and society and also those motivated to foreground the role of religion in public life.
In those cases, the owners of private businesses and religiously affiliated schools are claiming that their religious opposition to contraception should exempt them from compliance with the law.
When viewed from sponsorship (agency, religiously affiliated, independent nonprofit, and for-profit camps) and geographic regions (New England, Mid-Atlantic, South, Mid-America, and West), we noted:
FIVE men have appeared in court accused of racially or religiously aggravated disorder.
Students' moral reasoning was assessed at a religiously affiliated liberal arts university.
"We believe in one unified church and in a religiously diverse community," said Rahi during a press symposium at the Catholic media center.
He was charged with racially and religiously aggravated public order offences and the case was yesterday committed to be heard at the crown court at Mold Evans formerly of Rhos but now of no fixed abode, faces two charges - with using threatening, abusive and insulting language and behaviour towards Abdulla Anwar, which were racially and religiously aggravated.
<![CDATA[ It has now been confirmed that the Muslim who murdered a Vatican official in Turkey last week was religiously motivated.
While claming to broaden religious freedom, religious groups such as the Council on American Islamic Relations and America's Sikh community say the "Oregon Workplace Religious Freedom Act" would actually bar Oregon teachers from wearing religiously mandated clothing.
Summary: Religiously devout Jews barred by rabbis from surfing the Internet may now "Koogle" it on a new "kosher" search engine, the site manager said on Sunday.
This study utilizes behavioral and psychophysiological responses to perceived religiously taboo stimuli.