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Are you religious?

Do you believe in God or a deity? Do you adhere to the tenets of a particular religion? A: "Are you religious?" B: "Well, I'm not an atheist, but I don't go to church regularly or anything."

religious about (something)

Strictly adherent to doing or completing something in the proper way or on time. Tom's religious about sorting the recycling into the correct bins. I know she's religious about her skincare routine, so I've stopped trying to rush her in the morning. It got a bit annoying with how religious he was about keeping the carpets clean.
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religious about doing something

Fig. strict about something; conscientious about something. Bob is religious about paying his bills on time. Max tries to be religious about being polite to everyone.
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Yet for all of its importance, Everson is not as well known as high court cases over school prayer, displays of religious symbols or legal abortion.
In the wake of that election we've seen an avalanche of literature purporting to explain the revival of the religious right and its implications for the country.
"People who identify strongly with their faith have more access to activities through their church, synagogue or temple to engage in volunteer and fundraising activities, than individuals who aren't religious," says Professor Berger, author of the study.
"Loyalty to the truth and devotion to the good of the nation," the author grandiloquently announces, have prompted this expose, the inside story of a "cultural counterrevolution" that has commanded millions from right-wing foundations, won the allegiance of the conservative religious community, and gained the attention of popes, powerful evangelical ministers, presidential speechwriters, Supreme Court justices, and politicians alike.
Political commentator and former Republican strategist Kevin Phillips sees the precipitous rise of religious influence in American politics as something of an apocalyptic event, signaling the demise or at least rapid decline of America's political and economic power.
FETZER AND SOPER OFFER A CAREFUL and incisive analysis of variations in the British, German and French state responses to Muslims' religious demands in three important areas of public policy: the accommodation of religious practices and teaching in public schools, the provision of state funding for Islamic schools, and the regulation of mosque building.
Because of this restriction, "fundamentalism" migrated from a descriptive historical to a pejorative term for an ossified, hostile, and even fanatical way of being religious. In the last part of the twentieth century, students of world religions appropriated the term to describe aggressively anti-modernist, tradition-preserving movements in many of the world's faiths.
As the antigay right continues to use religious rhetoric as a political tool to stall equality, Clunn and hundreds of other straight religious leaders are speaking up for LGBT Americans.
The Trophy of Baptists: Words to Celebrate Religious Liberty.
* Conflict occurs if a part of science attempts to further the materialist program, leading to an implicit or explicit attack on a religious view of the world (Trigg).
This paper considers some key issues relating to the teaching of religious studies in Higher Education within a religiously divided society.
Meditation on and the inclusion of religious works as literature in some public school curricula are occurring.
For weeks this winter, a French proposal to forbid most religious symbols in public schools, including the head scarves and veils worn by many Muslim girls, attracted heavy media attention and led to large street protests.