relieve (someone or oneself) of (something)

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relieve (someone or oneself) of (something)

1. To remove or lessen a burden on someone or oneself. Simply talking to someone can go a long way toward relieving yourself of stress or anxiety.
2. To remove someone or oneself from a job or set of responsibilities. The chief of police has been relieved of duty in the wake of the investigation into departmental corruption. I decided to relieve myself of the position to avoid any potential conflicts of interest.
3. To rob someone of something. There are plenty of thieves willing to relieve you of your belongings if you aren't paying attention.
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relieve someone of something

1. Lit. to unburden someone of something. Here, let me relieve you of that heavy box. At last, he could relieve himself of the problem.
2. . Fig. to lessen someone's responsibilities. I will relieve you of some of the responsibility you have carried for so long. Let me relieve you of that job. You have enough to do.
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relieve one of one's duties

Euph. to fire someone; to dismiss someone from employment. I am afraid I must relieve you of your duties. After the scandal, she was relieved of her duties at the embassy.
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relieve someone of

1. Take something away from someone, rob someone of something, as in The pickpocket relieved Dean of his wallet.
2. Take away a burden or responsibility, as in The doorman relieved her of her packages, or He was relieved of all his duties. [Early 1800s]
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relieve of

1. To take or lift a burden from someone: The bellhop relieved us of our heavy luggage. Their rudeness relieved me of the burden of having to invite them.
2. To dismiss someone from a job, office, or position: After the scandal, the army relieved him of his post.
3. To rob or deprive someone of something: Pickpockets relieved the tourist of her money.
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References in classic literature ?
"In reliance upon that promise," said Don Antonio, "I will astonish you with what you shall see and hear, and relieve myself of some of the vexation it gives me to have no one to whom I can confide my secrets, for they are not of a sort to be entrusted to everybody."
I had many times and again struggled to relieve myself of the trouble on my mind, but I couldn't get it off.
I have changed jobs and taken less money to relieve myself of negativity.
"What I wanted to do is relieve myself of the stress of management of a firm and employees."
"I sometimes didn't see anyone for a week but it was what I needed - I felt like I needed to relieve myself of all the pressures of a coaching life.
I was able to relieve myself of the pain and discomfort of the migraine.
I wouldn't want to hear that if I'm going out to relieve myself of some of the stress or pressure "Sometimes I may go a little deep or whatever but for the most part I just like to have fun."
The victim is dead, and "dead men tell no tales" while the "helper" can very easily lie about his or her motive, to get away with no punishment ("Of course I didn't do it to relieve myself of a burden/get the victim's holiday money/go on holiday...I did it only out of compassion...").
That sealed the deal and I skipped to the till to relieve myself of possibly the best 299p I've ever spent.
"Personally I am looking to relieve myself of some of my business interests so I can focus on my real estate developments," Bovenkamp said.
I make these somewhat critical observations about China not with any sense of moral superiority or a wish to relieve myself of the responsibility to level the same critique at my own country's recent failures.
''After wandering for a long time, I have come here to relieve myself of this burden,'' he said, alluding to the responsibility of leading the country that is going through a complicated political and social transition.
Biazon also resigned to "relieve myself of the stress and pressure that have been brought upon me by those who have been affected by the reforms I have initiated, those whose interests I have blocked and disrupted, those who would like to uphold the status quo of the kalakaran (way of doing things) in the Bureau of Customs."