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relieve (one's) feelings

To do or say something as a means of venting or coping with one's feelings, especially anger or frustration. You may feel compelled to relieve your feelings of frustration by spanking your toddler, but it won't make you feel better, and it will teach them that violence is an acceptable solution to problems. Whenever anxiety takes hold of me, I go out for a walk along the canal to relieve my feelings.
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relieve (oneself)

euphemism To urinate or (less commonly) defecate. Tom decided to get rid of the dog after it relieved itself on his $500 rug. We'll be pulling into a rest stop soon, if anyone needs to relieve themselves.
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relieve (someone or oneself) of (something)

1. To remove or lessen a burden on someone or oneself. Simply talking to someone can go a long way toward relieving yourself of stress or anxiety.
2. To remove someone or oneself from a job or set of responsibilities. The chief of police has been relieved of duty in the wake of the investigation into departmental corruption. I decided to relieve myself of the position to avoid any potential conflicts of interest.
3. To rob someone of something. There are plenty of thieves willing to relieve you of your belongings if you aren't paying attention.
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relieve one of one's duties

Euph. to fire someone; to dismiss someone from employment. I am afraid I must relieve you of your duties. After the scandal, she was relieved of her duties at the embassy.
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relieve oneself

Euph. to urinate or defecate. He stopped by the side of the road to relieve himself. She needed badly to relieve herself, but there was no bathroom in sight.
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relieve someone of something

1. Lit. to unburden someone of something. Here, let me relieve you of that heavy box. At last, he could relieve himself of the problem.
2. . Fig. to lessen someone's responsibilities. I will relieve you of some of the responsibility you have carried for so long. Let me relieve you of that job. You have enough to do.
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relieve oneself

Urinate or defecate, as in The puppy relieved itself in the middle of the floor. The use of relieve for these bodily functions dates from the mid-1800s.
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relieve someone of

1. Take something away from someone, rob someone of something, as in The pickpocket relieved Dean of his wallet.
2. Take away a burden or responsibility, as in The doorman relieved her of her packages, or He was relieved of all his duties. [Early 1800s]
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relieve your feelings

use strong language or vigorous behaviour when annoyed.
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relieve of

1. To take or lift a burden from someone: The bellhop relieved us of our heavy luggage. Their rudeness relieved me of the burden of having to invite them.
2. To dismiss someone from a job, office, or position: After the scandal, the army relieved him of his post.
3. To rob or deprive someone of something: Pickpockets relieved the tourist of her money.
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relieve (oneself)

To urinate or defecate.
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One favorite synergistic oil blend for helping relieve PMS symptoms and headaches caused from hormonal imbalances is thirty drops clary sage (Salvia sclarea), twenty drops fennel (Foeniculum vulgare), twenty drops marjoram (Origanum majorana), five drops jasmine (Jasminum officinale) and eight drops sage (Salvia officinalis).
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