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reliance on (someone or something)

A total dependence on someone or something, especially to a detrimental or hindering degree. The writer's reliance on cliché started becoming painfully obvious after his second book. The countess's reliance on her assistants grew even greater after she had her fall.
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reliance on someone or something

trust and dependence on someone or something. John's reliance on his family is holding him back. Reliance on sleeping pills is dangerous.
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With a perfect reliance that Aramis had made arrangements fairly to distribute the vast number of guests throughout the palace, and that he had not omitted to attend to any of the internal regulations for their comfort, Fouquet devoted his entire attention to the ensemble alone.
My last wishes are now confided to you, in implicit reliance on your honor, and on your tender regard for the memory of your friend.
In blind reliance -- born of her hatred for Magdalen and her hunger for revenge -- in blind reliance on her own abilities and on her friend's law, she trusted the future implicitly to the promise of the morning's work.
Will saw clearly enough the pitiable instances of long incubation producing no chick, and but for gratitude would have laughed at Casaubon, whose plodding application, rows of note-books, and small taper of learned theory exploring the tossed ruins of the world, seemed to enforce a moral entirely encouraging to Will's generous reliance on the intentions of the universe with regard to himself.
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