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relegate (someone or something) to (something)

To consign someone or something to some inferior, obscure, or trivial rank, status, position, place, category, etc. Often used in passive constructions. So brief was his presidency that William Henry Harrison has been relegated to little more than a footnote in American history. Rather than firing me outright, they've relegated me to a thankless, dead-end job in the company. Failing to find critical success in the art work, his work has been relegated to the lobbies of cheap hotels and cafés.
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relegate someone to someone or something

to assign someone to someone or something. (Often refers to something unimportant or demeaning.) They relegated the old man to a bed in the corner. The former vice president was relegated to the position of manager of special projects.
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The team that first featured in the World Rugby Series for the first time in 1999 will only be invited for two events in the Series Dubai and South Africa-since the Hong Kong Sevens second tier tournament is used as a qualifier for the Series.All the core sides in the World Rugby Series get air travel and accommodation funding from World Rugby and that will end with relegation.
He said: "I've had two promotions and two relegations and I know which one I'd prefer, so I'd rather not have another relegation on my CV."
"Obviously the weather plays a part, but if we're talking style of rugby then relegation is why teams are physical and choose to play it safe with lots of kicking.
Before the much needed three points on Saturday afternoon, Gunners had only two games left before the end of the season and hovering in the relegation zone.
But it didn't happen and, rather than continued joy, the boot of relegation kicked us in the proverbials.
It was a bitter pill to swallow for Oryxes as they suffered a heart-breaking 0-1 defeat to Qatar SC in the relegation play-off.
For example, in Division One Oxton are now mathematically safe from relegation while in Division Two Upton have definitely secured promotion to the CCL's middle tier.
Villa's relegation will be mathematically confirmed if they can't at least match 17th-placed Norwich's result on Saturday.
NORTON and Stockton Ancients were saved from relegation on Sunday when Sheffield became FA Women's Premier League champions.
"You always see similarities," said the Spaniard when asked for comparisons with his experience of the Latics' battles against relegation.
Waterford v Dublin Today, kick-off 3.30pm BY PAUL KEANE JOEY BOLAND couldn't possibly be seen to agree, but battling relegation might not be the worst thing for Dublin's season.
0 FULHAM manager Felix Magath believes the 1-0 victory over Newcastle has given the whole club the belief that they can escape relegation from the Premier League.
CANNOCK and Sutton Coldfield, the region's leading national league teams who are in danger of relegation, were dealt a blow by Canterbury's men and women's teams.
New Fulham manager Felix Magath insisted the London club "will avoid relegation" despite currently being rooted to the foot of the Premier League table.