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release someone or something from something

to liberate or let someone or something go from something. The police officer released George from the handcuffs. I released all the dogs from the city dog pound.
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release someone to someone

to discharge or distribute someone to someone. The judge released the defendant to his mother. Don was released by the police to his father, who was more than a little bit angry.
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In 1970, it transmitted those for 1962-65 and decided on a regular schedule of releasing them after about five years.
If Wall Street's growing demand for cash flow information conflicts with the quarterly timetable for releasing earnings, the natural question becomes: "Which is more important--announcing earnings early or releasing a complete financial report?
KantStik 91WX was specifically designed for the molding of robber items (natural robber, EPDM, Viton, polyacetate) without the use of silicone-based products, providing extra slip and excellent releasing qualities, according to the company.
Liberation Library Includes 250 Premium Films, 2400 Hours of Episodic Television and Music Concert Programs Including Acclaimed PBS Concert Series Sound Stage, Feature Films from Regent Releasing, and Television Content from here
Frekote 44-NC/55-NC semi-permanent, nontransferring releasing interface for molding fiberglass, graphite, and boron reinforced epoxy and BMI composites.
Last year, Disney began releasing a series of titles under the ``Walt Disney Treasures'' banner that began with ``Mickey Mouse in Black and White,'' a disc that includes ``Steamboat Willie.
It is said to be finding acceptance throughout the rubber molding industry for use in releasing a broad spectrum of polymers.
I am pleased to be here today to discuss the procedures that the Federal Open Market Committee (FOMC) follows in recording policy information and releasing it to the public.
Additionally, DCR(R) provides a releasing action to ensure highly polymerized mix designs do not build up and cause costly shutdowns and operational delays.
Whether it's June 1st or July 1st, releasing prisoners for budgetary purposes in this particular environment is a big mistake,'' he said.
While the laboratory data for epichlorohydrin rubber and natural rubber indicate that the performance of the water based send-permanent releasants is slightly worse than that of the solvent based products, the differences are slight and the water based semi-permanents for releasing natural rubber and epichlorohydrin rubber are commercially viable products.