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release (someone or something) from (something)

To set someone or something loose from some kind of confinement. He released the woman from his grip and told her to run. The police were forced to release the suspect from prison due to a lack of hard evidence.
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release (someone or something) to (one)

1. To turn custody of someone or something over to another person. The police were instructed to release the prisoner to his family. They impounded my car for a parking violation. I'm just waiting for them to release it to me.
2. To allow or grant access to someone or something to another person. The government said it is finally willing to release the unredacted report to the press. The bank said they would release the funds to me as soon as they could verify the authenticity of the transaction with the other bank. They've been keeping the actor's identity a secret, planning to release him to the world at the film's premiere.
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release someone or something from something

to liberate or let someone or something go from something. The police officer released George from the handcuffs. I released all the dogs from the city dog pound.
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release someone to someone

to discharge or distribute someone to someone. The judge released the defendant to his mother. Don was released by the police to his father, who was more than a little bit angry.
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The law requires specific industries manufacturing or releasing set amounts of chemicals into the environment to submit annual reports to the EPA.
Execution: Athlete assumes a power position with a medicine ball and begins the delivery with emphasis on moving through a complete range of motion into a high angle of release, ending with the athlete releasing the ball into the sector.
I believe that the current arrangement of releasing the minutes of the FOMC meeting in summary form - but much more promptly than the memorandum - has served the deliberative process well, while at the same time providing relatively prompt public disclosure.
Rather than releasing compounds such as antibiotics or imitating natural bodily processes such as the generation and release of nitric oxide, commercial biomaterials might actually communicate with the body the way real tissues do.
The Dexter Frekote R-150 water-based releasing interface is said to give molders of most rubber goods an exceptionally high number of releases between release agent applications.
We will man-block the left side with a back checking the left side and then releasing if he is not needed.
I am pleased to be here today to discuss the procedures that the Federal Open Market Committee (FOMC) follows in recording policy information and releasing it to the public.
R-500 water-based releasing interface is said to provide a durable release surface which does not transfer to released parts.
Many marine organisms like the alga Fucus vesiculosus reproduce by releasing sperm and eggs into the water.