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release (someone or something) from (something)

To set someone or something loose from some kind of confinement. He released the woman from his grip and told her to run. The police were forced to release the suspect from prison due to a lack of hard evidence.
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release (someone or something) to (one)

1. To turn custody of someone or something over to another person. The police were instructed to release the prisoner to his family. They impounded my car for a parking violation. I'm just waiting for them to release it to me.
2. To allow or grant access to someone or something to another person. The government said it is finally willing to release the unredacted report to the press. The bank said they would release the funds to me as soon as they could verify the authenticity of the transaction with the other bank. They've been keeping the actor's identity a secret, planning to release him to the world at the film's premiere.
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release someone or something from something

to liberate or let someone or something go from something. The police officer released George from the handcuffs. I released all the dogs from the city dog pound.
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release someone to someone

to discharge or distribute someone to someone. The judge released the defendant to his mother. Don was released by the police to his father, who was more than a little bit angry.
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underlying differences between detainees and releasees. Previous studies
As a matter of political reality, all mechanisms for early release are vulnerable to repeal any time a releasee commits a new crime.
Every releasee who leads a law-abiding life will also lower costs in other ways.
To reduce the likelihood that the release will be narrowly construed to exclude unspecified, uncontemplated, or unsuspected claims, the release agreement should first identify by name the most likely state and federal employment laws under which the employee may assert a claim and state that the employee is releasing all claims and rights that have arisen under those statutes against the employer and other designated releasees. The release agreement should contain specific references to the particular events or status on which the released claims are or might be based (e.g., the employee's employment with the XYZ Corporation and his or her termination therefrom).
This article summarizes findings by three program areas: institutional programs, community programs for prison releasees and community programs for higher-risk probationers.
(4) In reversing the district court's decision to grant the defendant's motion for preliminary injunction, the court joined eleven circuits and concluded that extracting and retaining DNA profiles of supervised releasees during their supervised terms did not violate the Fourth Amendment.
ALASKA No response ARIZONA Yes, including recording applicable data ARKANSAS No CALIFORNIA No COLORADO Unknown CONNECTICUT No DELAWARE No FLORIDA Yes, as with all releasees GEORGIA Statistical monitoring of those returned to prison for new offense and technical violations HAWAII Yes, for all releasees for life (the state has a 20-year record) IDAHO Unknown ILLINOIS No response INDIANA Yes, a rate for sex offenders is computed as well as for the general population.
Thomas 1999 "A Comparative Recidivism Analysis of Releasees from Private and Public Prisons." Crime and Delinquency 45,1: 28-47.
The majority in Scott rejected the government's special needs argument, but in many ways, left open the possibility that a special needs argument could be recognized in the future if the government can prove empirically that there is a '"demonstrated problem' of drug use leading to nonappearance." (188) The court, in its quest to find the '"primary' or 'ultimate' purpose[]" of the pretrial supervision program, (189) conceded that the government's stated goal of "ensuring that pretrial releasees appear in court" would qualify as a special need exception, but that the government did not prove that drug use by Scott would likely lead to his nonappearance.
TABLE 1 Estimated chronic infections with hepatitis viruses among inmates and releasees -- United States, 1997 Number and percent of jail and prison Chronic infection inmates with condition * Hepatitis B virus 34,000 (2%) [section] Hepatitis C virus 255,000 (15%) ** Number and percent among noninmate Chronic infection population with condition Hepatitis B virus 1 million-1.25 million (0.5%) (n) Hepatitis C virus 2.7 million (1.3%) ++ Number of releasees with condition Number among and as percentage total U.S.
This is especially true for the social situation of prisoners and releasees as well as the reforms attempted in the `Wende' era.
Ann Witte [1980] concluded from her analysis of North Carolina prison releasees that certainty of punishment carried a greater deterrent effect than punishment severity, and that better labor market rewards had relatively little effect on criminal activity.
Releasees may face a number of employment barriers to their return to society, such as: race discrimination, inadequate educational attainment, insufficient or outdated skills, a spotty or nonexistent work history, undesirable physical appearance (e.g., missing teeth, tattoos), drug addiction or other health impairments, few soft skills, economically disadvantaged communities with few available jobs to return to, and a criminal record.