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release someone or something from something

to liberate or let someone or something go from something. The police officer released George from the handcuffs. I released all the dogs from the city dog pound.
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release someone to someone

to discharge or distribute someone to someone. The judge released the defendant to his mother. Don was released by the police to his father, who was more than a little bit angry.
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But to this day, nobody has been able to say definitively what was released into the air because the company has not provided monitoring reports detailing specific radioactive materials that were released from the reactor stack.
In May 1976, the Committee announced that an expanded version of the Record of Policy Actions for each meeting would be released a few days after the 3.
Recent research by the Bureau of Justice Statistics helps to demonstrate the need to develop effective measures designed to assist recently released inmates.
Wall Street was taken by surprise, in large part because the companies' cash flow statements--where the warning signs existed--weren't released until weeks after their quarterly earnings press releases (Lucent also did not include a balance sheet in its quarterly earnings releases at the time).
As more information makes its way into the popular media on the potentially toxic chemicals that are released into the nation's soil, water, and air, consumers want to find out how news reports and feature stories about chemical releases relate to their own neighborhoods and workplaces.
Ratner of the University of Washington in Seattle, are among the many researchers who decided that it would be much better if biomaterials released antibiotic themselves.
As debt is repaid, shares are released from a suspense account and must be allocated to individual participant accounts by the end of the ESOP's fiscal year.
The results, which were presented in a poster at the Endocrine Society Annual Meeting held in Boston, demonstrated statistically significant variances in the metformin extended-release products during the first four hours of drug release when approximately 60-70% of the metformin is released.
In the decade after the debut of ``Snow White,'' such enduring animated classics as ``Pinocchio,'' ``Fantasia,'' ``Dumbo'' and ``Bambi'' were released by Disney.
Another Union Carbide plant inadvertently released the pesticide aldicarb in 1985, this time causing 135 known injuries in the town of Institute, West Virginia.
Hoses that were vulcanized using Xtend W-7280 released consistently with low pressure, while the other releases in this process often required twice the amount of pressure to release, according to the company.
As part of the application process, the recruit signed an agreement that allowed the state police to investigate his background and released from liability those who provided information to the state police under a guarantee of confidentiality.
Currently, the directive for a particular FOMC meeting is released immediately after the next meeting along with a record of policy actions.
In contrast to his other variable-rate drug-release systems, this one would allow the patient's body to determine not only how much drug is released but also when.
Additional concert titles include Michael Bolton's first live concert to be released on DVD, Michael Bolton Live, along with Jessica Simpson Reality Tour Live and Gipsy Kings Live At Kenwood House in London.
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