release to

release (someone or something) to (one)

1. To turn custody of someone or something over to another person. The police were instructed to release the prisoner to his family. They impounded my car for a parking violation. I'm just waiting for them to release it to me.
2. To allow or grant access to someone or something to another person. The government said it is finally willing to release the unredacted report to the press. The bank said they would release the funds to me as soon as they could verify the authenticity of the transaction with the other bank. They've been keeping the actor's identity a secret, planning to release him to the world at the film's premiere.
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release someone to someone

to discharge or distribute someone to someone. The judge released the defendant to his mother. Don was released by the police to his father, who was more than a little bit angry.
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I had by many letters and much importunity, and with the intercession of my mother too, had a second return of some goods from my brother (as I now call him) in Virginia, to make up the damage of the cargo I brought away with me, and this too was upon the condition of my sealing a general release to him, and to send it him by his correspondent at Bristol, which, though I thought hard of, yet I was obliged to promise to do.
After dismal PSDP releases scenario the government has directed the Ministry of planning to grant release to the funds allocation without following the Project Monitoring and Evaluation System (PMES), the source added.Project Monitoring and Evaluation System (PMES) is a system for PSDP projects information management.
Again, right after you transfer the weight fully to your back muscles from your arms, get your hand in the proper position on the release to produce a surprise shot.
Crodamide lubricants impart slip, antiblock, and mold release to polyolefins, PS, PVC, nylon, ABS and specialty engineering resins.
Lee says sending your press release to online publications may be preferable to sending it to newspapers and magazines or television and radio outlets because Websites tend to post information faster than printed publications, and the information may be available for a longer period of time--weeks, months, or even years after it is first posted.
In addition, better application techniques and easy release have also reduced the incidence of transfer of the release to molded parts, it was noted.
(10) Among the items to consider is a body charged with controlling the actions of inmates after release, as well as monitoring their behavior prior to release to ensure that they have received the tools to become successful when they return to free society.
Similarly, FedEx Corp., a Standard & Poors 500 company, has earned praise for disclosing cash flow statements in quarterly earnings announcements and for narrowing the gap between its 10-Q and earnings release to a few days through internal reporting efficiencies.
Some families had to pay an up-front fee, other prisoners pledged a proportion of their wages after release to pay their debts.
"Rip" tells our lineman to zone-block the right side, and gives the back on that side a free release to get into the pattern.
And, if you need to direct your video news release to special markets, tape is really the only practical answer.
After you've reached the click, you know it only takes a very small movement of the handle to cause the release to fire.
SPMRAs are designed to enable more than one release to be obtained per release agent application and to provide minimal transfer of the release coating to the polymer.
"You need $4 million or $5 million to do 400-600 prints for a wide release to make commercial independent films successful."
In the reverse technique, the right leg may shift to the front after release to brake the forward motion.